Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Sundry 5-13-12

My dad turns 80 at the end of the month, and we're planning a party for him.  It's not a surprise; in fact, he requested it and picked the date.  He's helpful that way.

So I got together with my sister last weekend to make party plans, and this little table mat idea popped into my head.
Since I was making these string rings anyway—by the way, I think I have all of them done for the quilt now—I thought it would make a fun little mat under flower bouquets on the tables.

I didn't have any bouquets to photograph with it today, so I substituted a Pyrex carafe as a model (but wouldn't that be fun used as a vase?).

And a flower pot thrifted last weekend...

and a scalloped Red Wing dish?  Hee-hee!

I'll be back in a couple days to tell you how I made the table mat.  It's easy peasy, and I'm sure you could probably figure it out yourself, but since I have to make a few more anyway, I may as well show you.

Happy Mom's Day!  Hope you are having a good one.  My daughter gave me some beautiful plants for Mother's Day (and mowed my lawn, and ran errands, and bought me lunch, and her boyfriend did a whole bunch of computer setup work for me—wow!).  One of the plants was a gorgeous hanging fuchsia basket and the other was a beautiful perennial lily, which I planted in my flower bed today. 

I would show you pictures, but my camera battery ran out of juice and had to go on the charger, so that will have to wait, as will pictures of a couple of thrift scores from today. 

But I will report (with mixed emotions) that what I did not buy today at Goodwill was a very good-looking Singer 503 Slant-o-matic, aka Rocketeer.  A sweet vintage sewing machine for $24.99.  It was really hard to pass up, but I stayed strong.  After all, I had just cleaned part of the basement this weekend, muttering the whole while about having too much sh--/stuff in my sewing room.  *Sigh*  Tell me I did the right thing?


  1. I'm a reader, but haven't commented before.

    I ... I can't tell you that you did the right thing by passing on the Slantomatic. I've got a 500a and it's the best thing ever.

    Erm, where are you? Because I'd buy that one for 25 bucks in a heartbeat.

    (Oh, and I'm looking forward to the mat tutorial - I love the way they look.)


  2. That little string ring mat is SO, SO cute! The red rick-rack and red center is just perfect! I'm probably going to have to experiment with the string rings, because I love yours so much!

    xo -E

    P.S. In that first picture, I counted seven different fabrics that I sent you. Love it!

  3. SongBird - Oh no! Now I want to run back and buy the 503, if it's still there! Thanks for chiming in, though. I really appreciate it!

  4. The rickrack is genius!

    I like the way your dad thinks:)

  5. I agree, love the rickrack!

  6. I probably would have caved and bought the sewing machine. Are you kicking yourself yet?

    LOVE those table mats. Coolest idea ever.

    And it sounds like your mothers days was ultra special . Good for you!


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