Monday, May 21, 2012

Make it Rain

So many things vie for our attention this time of year, don't they?  Gardening, yard work, graduation, outdoor parties, to name a few.  Over the weekend, I finally got a few things done that I'd been meaning to do for a while.  

I potted a few containers with flowers, keeping it pretty simple.  I also finally finished the top for the Iron Work Quilt Along.

I followed one of Sandi's suggested color schemes and just love how it turned out, so vibrant!  I used a rosewood colored solid in lieu of black, which I'm happy about as well.  Now it needs quilting, but that will have to wait a bit.

I need to finish the Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge quilt this week.  That means that today I had to (a) wash the kitchen floor, and (b) get down on said floor to pin-baste the quilt.  Ugh, my knees.  On the plus side, my kitchen smells like Pine Sol.

Does anyone actually enjoy basting?  Because I am not even sure that is possible.  And because I'm seriously thinking of hiring it done next time.  Especially if these guys will do it for me.

Hey, now there's an idea: Strip basting!  "Oops, you missed closing a pin.  I'm sorry, sir; you will have to remove your shirt."

Well, a gal can dream...


  1. Good grief - I have only basted one quilt on a floor in all the time I've quilted - over 25 years! Don't you have a table or two or a public building near by where you can push a few tables together? Save yourself!!!

  2. Beautiful container of the quilt too! Thanks for sharing! Hugs

  3. Strip basting - ROFL. Matthew McConaughey: swoon. Matt Bomer: double swoon.

    In a completely different category of swooning, your Iron Works quilt is also swoon-worthy.

    Love your pretty potted flowers.

    And yes, too many things going on at the moment to stay on top of everything.

    xo -E

  4. There's got to be a way to make basting more interesting and I think you've found it.:)

    The Iron Works quilt is awesome and I love the last picture!

  5. Hehe...try spray baste! You will love it

  6. Love your Iron Works quilt! That is amazing....

    And so is the idea of strip basting- maybe you should go on Shark Tank and see if you can get any takers!

    I finally got my H2H top pieced today, and ready to go on the frame! Woohoo!!

  7. Love your quilt top! Pin sol is one of my favorite smells in the world!!!
    Girl, if those guys would baste for me, I'd never have a finished quilt!

  8. Looks like lantana in that flower pot;) That will spread a lot.

    Strip basting that has a nice ring to it!

  9. ooh that's a beauty of a quilt. the colors have a real punch.

    maybe while most of the Bastey Boys team is pinning away, one member could be picking out stitches.

    He could be a Rippin'dale.

  10. LOVE the ironwork quilt. It looks amazing.

    I don't hate basting but it's certainly not my favourite job. I like it slightly more now that I do it on a table. My floor tiles don't like basting.

    Strip basting there's a great idea!


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