Thursday, August 9, 2012

It Could be the Red Bull

As Charlie McChatterbox bagged my groceries the other day, he asked, "What's for dinner?"  The bratwurst were for the following day, I replied; as for that evening, I had absolutely no idea.  To which he responded, "I think someone needs to make you dinner."  Well, I had no argument with that, although I was thinking, psh-yeah, in my dreams.  Anyway, nice thought, Charlie.  Promise me you will say that to your spouse one day.

He nattered nonstop all the way to my car, at one point talking about right brain versus left brain something or other (I know, right?).  It was all quite entertaining.  Some people just have the gift of gab—or it could be the Red Bull.

I shirked other responsibilities this morning to play with fabric, finishing this little mini.  Sometimes you gotta finish something, you know what I mean?  Starting is all well and good, but too many things in a state of not-quite-done can get to a person.

Here is the back.  Back in black.  (I'm not sure whether to say something next about AC/DC or Dr. Seuss.  It could go either way.)

We had some nice people over on Sunday (because mean people aren't any fun to have over).  These included my daughter's boyfriend's parents and sister.  Nice folks.

We had good food, conversation and fun, including a beanbag toss game, which my dad ruled.

Speaking of Dad, he picked up his book proof on Friday.  I had to take a picture of the momentous occasion.

So I am reading this baby through again and making final tweaks.  If it's kind of quiet around here again, you'll know why.


Bending Pins said...

OMG, when I looked at your first photo, I that that was an entire quilt!, then when I saw your second picture I thought, "Where did she get that giant mug and why did she put it on her quilt?". LOL! Awesome mini, I love it! xoxox

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Great job on the mini! I have a weakness for striped binding:)

I vote for AC/DC because short pants trump funny hats or something.

Pokey said...

Look at that pretty! I see the FaVe fabric showing up again, lol. I have used the backing for a quilt, too, and Lydia had a dress made from it.
Funny things here, P. Glad you invite nice peoples over (mean people suck) and so happy for your proud Papa's book to be. So who was it that had red bull, and made a "all over the place" post, lol??
hugs to you, and happy day ~

Cherie said...

He walked you to your car?
Great job on the mini, it is great to finish something.
So glad to see you got the book done and had a fun time with the family =D

MomWaldsPlace said...

Dad! So that's what the author looks like.

Love your vintage pottery. It always looks so contemporary and fresh with your fabulous quilts.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, really great band! Seriously! Both of those songs are great! You have such great taste in music.

Speaking of great taste, you have great taste in fabric too! I did not realize that mini was so mini! Love how you quilted it! And the back is awesome too!

Wow! A proof of your dad's book already?! Awesome!

xo -E

Sarah Craig said...

Love that mini, it's fabulous!! And congrats to your dad on his book - his smile says it all! And where did you find that adorable turtle pitcher?


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