Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I've spent some time playing this week.  I looked at the mess that is my sewing room and my very random stash, and...well, it overfloweth.  So I decided to pull some fabrics for a little quilt.  I actually began with some prissy little pastel prints, but who am I kidding, that is so not me.  I gravitated then to a rather eclectic mix, the stuff that makes my heart sing!

It included a couple of cool pieces gifted by a friend, some batiks and other lucky thrift store finds, and a piece via etsy from Jenny, who was paring down her stash.  The rest were leftovers from past projects.  Oh, and the lovely hand-dyed purple piece from Vicki!

So, a bit of this and that, but all of it pretty wonderful!  I enjoyed coming up with each of the pairings, but I really wasn't sure how well they would play together.  The cutting was easy-peasy, no template required.  Just 7-inch squares, stacked into pairs, sliced twice, reassembled, and trimmed to 6 inches.  The free pattern is here.  I happened upon it quite by accident—or serendipity!

And here it is laid out on the floor.  I do believe it works!

I had one more block which I threw together at the last minute, but it didn't seem to work in the body.  I have set it aside for now, but I may bring it back into the border.  We shall see!

Linking up today for the first time to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.  Welcome visitors!  Also, this is one of my "NewFOs" for August, so I am linking to Cat Patches as well.


  1. Love the fabrics and placement in the quilt. Nothing prissy about it - :)

  2. So very cool! I share your no prissy-ness :)

  3. P., as usual you amaze me!

    Also, I may have to further investigate Jack White. Thanks for the musical education ;).

    xo -E

  4. This is a great piece! Definitely agree with the bright color choice. How lucky to find free pattern.

  5. Wow a very interesting mix of prints. Who is the designer for the leafy print? =D

  6. Im another one for the non prissy camp. You nailed it Babe. Looks fabulous!

  7. This is a wonderful quilt. I love the bright colors! Don't you just love it when something comes out so beautiful?

  8. What a cute, fun quilt. I may have to try that for one of my Quilts of Valor quilts (when I finish the one's I'm already working on)


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