Friday, August 10, 2012

Pumped Up Kicks

I know these are not what was meant by Foster the People in the song, but it makes for a good enough title, no?

Kosmic Platform Pumps at Payless
I tried a pair of these babies on this evening, just because...because they were there, in my hard-to-find size 12, and what the heck, it's my birthday.  Plus who doesn't love a pair of red shoes?

Also, I wanted to see what the world looked like when you're 6'8".  Because that's how tall I am in these shoes.  

No, I am not making that up.

So I did not buy them, because who wants to duck for doorways, but it was fun.  I felt like I was on stilts.  I had to hold onto my husband's shoulders to walk to the mirror.  You know what though?  Heels do wonders for your legs, even if you tend toward cankles.  They were fairly comfortable too.

I am going back to get these boots though.  I probably need a pair of skinny jeans to make them work, which is always a hassle to find because, well, see above.  

Rory Slouch Boot at Payless
But it occurs to me that they don't have to be exactly long enough inside boots because who will know, right?  Right.

One has to think creatively when it comes to clothing conundrums.  Speaking of which, here's a funny twist on sizes.  I could not find a pair of capris to fit me in the stores (too short), so while I was at Goodwill, I thought I'd try on regular pants and then maybe alter them to capris.  

Surprisingly, what fit the best in the waist and hips was a pair of Old Navy petite slacks!  Go figure.  So I cut off a few inches and re-hemmed them to capri length (about a 26-1/2 inch inseam for me), and they fit like a dream.  I have another pair of brand new Lands End pants that I will do the same with.  They were also $3.99 at Goodwill.  Can't beat that!

That is all.  I am going to have a freshly baked gluten-free, dairy-free brownie and go proofread for a few hours.  Partay!!  :)


Karen said...

I would love to see you in those high heels...just think you could really dunk a basketball..and you could use guys heads as leaning posts :)

Nicole H. said...

I'm only 5'1" and I'm gobsmacked at the idea of being 6'8" with shoes. You lucky woman!

(Here's a secret about me and heels: when I wear them, I think toilets are too low down.)

Sara said...

I haven't worn heels since maybe my high school prom! I do not like them in the least bit. 6'8" wow--watch out world here she comes!!!

I think the boots are pretty nice though;)

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

I vaguely remember wearing heels...

I do wish I could have been there to witness the "walk" in the shoe store:) The boots are awesome!

MomWaldsPlace said...

Awww, come on, we all know that you ROCKED those shoes.

Elizabeth said...

Happy, happy birthday!

Ha, ha! I tried those exact shoes on last Saturday when I was in getting new shoes for LadyBug. I absolutely LOVE them and I love the view from 5' 10-3/8". I didn't get them, because they are a little bit of ridiculous, but I so love those shoes.

Cute boots and you will look adorable in skinny jeans!

Love that you found some great new "capris!"

xo -E

Cherie said...

Gosh I know what you mean about shoe sizes!! I'm a UK size 8 (42?) and it's so hard to find the shoes I want in my size. They mostly go up to 7 and any above are the ugly shoes I don't like at all!
Jeans are fine, but that's a whole other story! =D

Sarah Craig said...

Love those red shoes - but I know what you mean about the extra height - I'd be 6'1" in them, and that's too tall for comfort for me! But I love the boots - may have to go try those on for myself! And Old Navy had a great skinny jean on sale this week for $15 - and online, it comes in tall! I've got a pretty long inseam and the regular length worked for me - maybe the talls would work for you! An added bonus? They're stretchy, too!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! You sort of snuck that fact in by the red shoes hoping no one would notice you were a year older! I love the red shoes, I love most all things red. If I were young again, I would have a pair of those in every color! I am tall also and sometimes it is hard to buy clothing!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
Cute shoes & boots. Hope you had a good day & enjoyed the brownies! lak

Kenna said...

Yay for a fellow tall big footed quilter!!!

I buy petite pants all the time as capris. :) it's my little giggle....6' and shopping in petites!

Happy birthday


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