Monday, October 8, 2012

Out the Door

I am in a decluttering mode.  I feel like there is too much stuff around and it's bugging me on both a physical (navigationally speaking) and psychological level.  So I am declaring this month "Out-the-Door October."

I'm going to spend a concentrated effort on dealing with stuff—donate it, sell it, organize it, shred it, toss it—and, of course, do some cleaning in the process.  The situation has reached critical mass and action must be taken.

So far, I've sold one typewriter on Craigslist and a bunch of shirts on eBay.  I listed more items this weekend.  Like this ladies' leather jacket.

Also, over the weekend, I cleaned the workshop, where my treadmill is located.  Since the days are getting cooler and it gets dark earlier, I'm walking more indoors again.  But ee-gads, the musty, dustiness in that room!  The workshop is not so much a man cave as it is a general storage area in the basement.  I Shop-Vac'd my heart out on Saturday and then took a small trunk load of stuff to Goodwill.  It felt good.

In the sewing department, I have started working on some things which may potentially be Christmas gifts.  Bummer that I can't share pictures of them at present, but you know how that goes.  I also need to get the sewing space organized better...somehow, some way.

And now for some whine: 

First it was burning mouth.  I've sort of gotten used to that, and it's mostly now a minor nuisance.  A couple weeks ago, though, my eyes started feeling really dry, burning, irritated, and red all the time.  I went to the doctor and got some drops for a possible infection, which didn't help because that apparently wasn't the cause.  Then I saw my optometrist last week because it was still bugging me (and I needed a general eye exam), and he said I've got chronic dry eyes.  He gave me some different, thicker, lubricating eye drops to use at least 6 times a day, probably for freakin' ever.

And of course, what irritates my eyes the most?  Computer work.  Hello?!  IT'S WHAT I DO—for a living and for fun! 

As Roseanne Roseannadana says, "It's always something."

I know that in the scheme of things, this is some petty B.S.  I have many blessings to count (and believe me, I do).  But man, it still ticks me off.  I want my 40s back, and all my hormones and all that went with them, and while I'm at it with the unreasonable requests, may I please have back the ability to digest wheat and dairy products?  Oh, and my retirement account balance pre-2008. Thanks.

I guess if there is a "good" takeaway, it is that this reminds me about balance (remember that computer ejector seat I joked about?).  Meanwhile, it helps to laugh, right?  Some classic Roseanne Roseannadana (below) works for me.

Have a good week, all.  But wait—I almost forgot the point—posting may be light for the rest of this month due to the aforementioned cleaning/decluttering and giving the peepers a break.  I might pop in here or there, maybe show you what I'm getting rid of, progress pics, or if I have something more profound to share.  

How about you?  Does fall give you the urge to clear out?  Anything in particular ticking you off lately? 


  1. I am also on declutter mode and it is great to donate! I am at the point where anything that hasn't been used in a year goes. I may have some regrets. Have you ever been tempted to rebuy your donation items? Hehe.

  2. Sorry about the eyes, P. Yes, I'd like to turn back the clock on some things:)

    Good luck with the declutter...same thing's been happening here. Less to move!

  3. I want my early 40's back and our pre-2008 retirement fund too!! Sorry about the eyes (hope that isn't next on my list, lol). Cleaning, decluttering, now that you ask, LOL, oh yes, yes, yes! Every fall it happens to me, but it seems especially potent this fall!

  4. I've been decluttering and cutting down on the computer time, reading more books and trying to get my sewing room organized. I'm 46, and I want my 30's body back! I was diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia 2 years ago and it's not been a fun 2 years, I can feel your pain with having a life changing diagnosis and it's just no fun! Blessings to you on your 'out the door October' mission!!

  5. Decluttering, absolutely. Mine was brought about by a tree hitting our house (new roof, shingle dust all over the attic) and then not one but two break-ins last fall. It took several months and almost 40 boxes to Goodwill to clean out the attic. I found so much JUNK that nobody wanted . Now I'm going through cupboards of dishes (grandma's and various assorted). It's a pain, but you feel so good when it's done.

  6. Ha ha ha ... I found one box that had nothing in it but wire hangers. Did you find anything that stupid? Those were the easiest to deal with ... right into the trash. And I just finished shredding income tax papers from 1985-2001!

  7. Gosh same here. Went through my wardrobe the other weekend...still need to continue with the things that aren't clothes!
    The typewriter looks so cool. I must look out for one eventually! =D

  8. You go girl - de-cluttering is good for the soul and your mental health. I love organising and de-cluttering and Im ruthless about it ....

    I really hope the eye /mouth thing can be resolved. It sounds bloody annoying.

    My only whinge this week is that going back to work has totally zapped any energy I have for anything else and I havent touched my sewing machine is FOREVER. Im hoping for a crafty weekend though .

  9. I spent the day mucking out my junk room - moved the bookcases from one end of the room to the other, and created a crafting space for Lilli! Woohoo!! Now to find homes for all the stuff I cleared out of there........

  10. I've had your blog open in a tab in my browser for almost two weeks now. I've been meaning to see the clip you linked, 'cause I don't get the reference (not a SNL watcher -- so I may even be wrong), but never think of it at a time of day when the sound won't wake LadyBug, who's in the bedroom next door. So I'm clueless commenting.

    That typewriter is fun. I hope its new owner loves it. Also, I hope the jacket went for a nice price.

    Also, I'm sorry about the burning mouth (again) and the dry eyes. My eyes always feel a little dry, especially when I wear my contacts too long. I've been trying to give myself a break the last few evenings and wear my glasses, but I can see so much better with the contacts that I'd almost rather suffer the dry eyes.

    Anyway, sorry that your body is betraying you, especially since you take such good care of it.

    xo -E


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