Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tuesday's Title

My creativity, when it comes to titles, has gone AWOL at this late hour.  When I get tired, I either cut right to the chase or get squirrely.  I think it's going to be a cut to the chase kind of night.

I took a look at the scraps littering the cutting mat from the Breathe quilt and decided to go ahead and make a mini.

Since I had lights and darks and reds lying there, I thought I'd try a log cabin block.  I couldn't remember ever making a log cabin block before.

The back:
Little loopy quilting.  I threaded the Juki with some shimmery, light gold Sulky 40 wt. 100% rayon viscose thread.  I fully expected to have to dink around with the tension, but whaddaya know, it was just fine.

I did a second mini with the "scraps left from scraps."  I've got to finish the binding on it and take pictures, maybe tomorrow.

[lack of segue here...see above re tired]

I tried a new chocolate chip cookie recipe the other day.  Here is how it starts:

You are not hallucinating.  That is bacon.

With the name, The Best Paleo Maple Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie (In the History of Man), I had to make them.

Cut to the chase:  YUM!


  1. Darling mini! And doesn't bacon make everything better?!!

  2. Everything is better with bacon (but Nancy already said that). Too funny. A friend of mine, whose husband travels, brought her a chocolate bar with bacon in it. She loved it. I can't remember where he got it . . . I'm thinking maybe Hershey PA, but who knows?

    LOVE the quilting on your mini! Beautifully done.

    xo -E

  3. Thats not bacon has no meat on it. Kidding. I have just spent two weeks saying thats not bacon everytime I see US bacon and the habit is kind of hard to break.

    LOVE the mini P. You did good gal!

  4. You aced that log cabin block!

  5. oh mini too :)


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