Saturday, October 13, 2012

Whee, Whee, Whee and Whoop-Whoop!

A funny thing happened as I cut back on computer time this past week.  I actually finished a few things in the sewing room.

Here is one of them.  I finally quilted and bound this little mini.

(Tutorial HERE)
I have somehow amassed a small collection of vintage recipe boxes over the past year or so.  One of them happened to match the mini pretty awesomely.

Now the question is, do I sell the boxes as part of "Out-the-Door October" decluttering, or hang onto them a while?  They really don't take up much space...ugh, this is harder than I thought.

Anyway, I finished two other things as well.  No pics though, as they are Christmas gifts.  I may post them to Flickr at some point (and ask my friends not to peek).  If I do that, I'll put up a link.

(Back - Kate Spain Central Park/North Meadow in Ivory)
It's a dreary, rainy day today.  Another dilemma...clean/sew/list more stuff to sell, or chuck it all and go see the movie Argo?

October Finishes


  1. Movie!

    I can't believe how well those match. You can't possibly get rid of the recipe box now:)

  2. I think you deserve a break. The movie would be my choice.

    And no- you cant possibly chuck the recipe boxes....look how well that one matched the mini!

  3. IF you decide to sell the mini and the recipe box, please give me first dibs!! I would be thrilled if you included the piggy with it too!! it is a darling set for sure!!

  4. was the movie? Heh, heh, heh.

  5. Cute little piggy, and the mini is adorable. Did you go see Argo? I'm thinking about going today.

  6. I vote movie!

    Perhaps you're on to something w/the recipe boxes...make mini zigs that match the boxes, and them do a combo gift...maybe a treat to sit on the mini-zig & a the recipe of said treat in the box. Hmmm....maybe you should just list them & I'll snap them up. LOL

    Happy Sunday!

  7. I vote movie also! I have been wanting to see it! It looks so good. Just don't tell us the ending.

    The mini is wonderful and I agree with everyone else, hand on to it and the recipe box, at least for a good long while!

    I have been a very busy woman and very off schedule lately! Am working hard on getting back to "normal"! Whatever the heck that is!

  8. Love this and you creative idea. I have some old boxes too, which makes me think....hmmmm...

  9. Such a cute mini! I love your minis, especially the ziggy-zaggy ones. Cute little piggy & cute recipe box! Thanks for linking up!

    xo -E


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