Thursday, December 20, 2012

Oh, the Weather Outside is...

We got a little snow last night.  

That's a reserved Midwestern way of saying "about seven inches."

Which also means:

a) SNOW DAY!!! [schools closed/people advised to stay home]

b) snow removal [no caps or exclamation points].

Right now it's still pretty quiet, except for the sound of my neighbor's snow blower and the occasional siren.  That's because it ain't over yet.  

More snow + wind = blizzard warning today.  Oh, and temps will be about 20 degrees colder tonight.  Good times.

Really, though, it's a matter of perspective.  From inside my cozy house, it's kind of pretty.

However, I was out there at 8:00 a.m., shoveling by hand the two feet of snow pushed into the bottom of the driveway by the snowplow overnight.  That was not so pretty, nor was I, sweating inside my coat, wet from snow on the outside, hair matted to my head under a knit cap, glasses speckled with moisture, drippy nose threatening to form icicles.  On the plus side, my cheeks were rosy.

As I sit here right now, I can feel my lower back seizing up thanking me.  I'm sure my arms will thank me later for all those reps.  This snow was wet and heavy.  On the positive side, I may have worked off those homemade dark chocolate nut clusters, sweet potato chips, caramel corn, macaroons, and marzipan I've been feeling guilty about lately.  Or at least a couple nut clusters, anyway.

Norm is pulling a 12-hour shift today and not due back home until after 5:00 this evening.  Had I waited until then, the snow at the end of the driveway would have frozen into a solid mass.  You gotta do what you gotta do, is what I'm saying.

* * * * *
I'm still finding things in the sewing room under this pile or that.  The other day I went looking for a missing quilt pattern and instead found a Ziplock bag full of old Christmas cards from ancestors and relatives I never knew.

This one is about 100 years old.  Back when the mail carrier left his own Christmas greetings.  I kinda think maybe he was sweet on my ancestor, Melita (or vice-versa).  She has a few pictures of him in her scrapbooks, one with his horse and buggy taken on his mail delivery route.

This next one is about 75 years old.  I actually found this one among the pages of a German Bible (if that's what "Biblische Kausandachten" means), along with numerous tracts announcing the schedule of Holy Week services "in English" from 1930 through 1934.  One of the tracts even had a pressed four-leaf clover inside.  (If you went to church services "in English," why did you take your German Bible, I wonder?  Did you only go during Holy Week?  And why did you date all your tracts—by the way, thank you for dating all your tracts.  And what happened after 1934?)

As you can see, it isn't actually a Christmas card, but the cellophane outer wrapping of a card or group of cards.  I imagine the cards themselves had a similar graphic.  The above photo shows the front (left) and back (right).

Now we get into the early 1960s with this next one, so it's about 50 years old.  Simple yet pretty graphics (click to enlarge).

And finally, this one from the early 1970s, below.  I love the graphics.  Can you see quilting patterns too?  See the interesting negative space (or whatever that's called) where the three candles intersect?

Okay, I have to get up and move now, before I can't anymore.  I hope you are enjoying the day from the comfort of indoors, and don't have to clear snow—but if you do, remember to lift with your legs!


  1. Yes, the snow is wet snow and very very heavy, worse thing is we cleared our driveway and then the plow comes by and it is all back on our property and heavy heavy. It will work out, love the vintage Christmas cards.

  2. oh yes a little snow DOES really mean a lot in WI. You hit that one on the head.

    I think we are ALL guilty of "indulging" ourselves, if you will, during the holidays. I know sugar cookies and I are bickering away presently:/

    Rest easy friend:)


  3. I am LOVING this snow. But I do think them using the term "blizzard" for this is BIG TIME overkill.

    I've already been out to shovel once - - - and I do love doing that - - - so I'm still happy with the snow.

    I don't think we have quite as much as you do, and yes ours is still coming down too.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  4. I'm envious of your snow....yesterday TX broke heat records and today the sun is bright but the wind is howling and we had a windchill of 27 this morning. I would love to have cold with snow, then I would have a real excuse to stay in and sew, read, cook, etc.

  5. Thanks for reminding me that when I think “ snow is pretty” I should also be thinking “and a b***h to live with”. I never think about those problems because it doesn’t snow here. Still I’d like to experience at least one white Christmas so long as I dont have to shovel.

    And Im sure your arms look like Linda Hamilton’s in Terminator so it’s all good.

  6. Stay warm and cozy! Those old cards are cool

  7. I'd take some snow here in TX, especially at Chistmas. However, I am not sure about the shovelling part.

  8. Those cards are amazing! You be careful shoveling :)

  9. Very cool cards! You always find the neatest stuff:)

    Stay warm!

  10. I think all snow went around us. We've only had snow flurries--not complaining because I finished my shopping today :) Have a Merry Christmas! The Christmas cards are neat!

  11. Pretty cards, and great nostalgia too. That is cool that someone took the time to date some of it. Are you going to display any of them?
    Oh, how I remember the snow shoveling. And yes, you better get at it while the getting is good, or you'll pay double for the mess you find later! I feel for your back, mine was 25 years younger the last time I shoveled.
    Merry Christmas, dear P. ~

  12. That Christmas card from the post man is really cool! Love the others, too.

    We got some snow early in the week, too. Not as much as you, but really, any snow is too much, IMHO. If I didn't like it so much in Utah, I'd move somewhere sunny all the time.

    It is kind of pretty, though.

    xo -E


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