Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I had a lovely Christmas breakfast with friends Kathy and Marie this past Saturday.  They now have their gifts, so I can show here on the blog what I made for them.

Marie gave me a fabric bundle last Christmas.  It was fun to work with it and then give it back in the form of a table mat/mini/wall hanging.  When I was de-cluttering the sewing room back in October, I moved a stack of vintage platters and noticed that one of them coordinated with what I had made for Marie. 

That led me to make a similar Dutch Rose/Swoon block for Kathy in fabrics that matched another vintage platter.

By then, I was on a roll with the theme and made two more, one to match this Universal Cattail platter...

and one for this Stetson Marcrest Swiss Chalet platter.

Inspiration is everywhere, don't you agree?

And here is another mini I made during that time.  These are scraps left from my Chain Linked quilt.  Quilted in a variegated Sulky thread on top with white Isacord in the bobbin.

(Back - "Woodcut Garden" by Paula Prass)
I've paired it here with a thrifted retro Peace bank by Enesco, circa 1999.

May we all find true peace this holiday season, and foster it day by day.


  1. So lovely to match those gorgeous platters with your beautiful quilts. Peace be with you too :)

  2. Brilliant, I love the idea of making gifts with gifted fabric! And matching the platters, brilliant!!! <3

  3. Inspired by vintage pieces, love it! We are going to do something special with the smaller mat you made me with the little owls. I cannot wait! It starts January 6th.

  4. P., you amaze me with your skill at combining colors and pulling inspiration from other places. I loved your platter/mini gift theme! I hope all your recipients did as well.

    xo -E

  5. I just love this wheels and such a great idea. You've been busy!

  6. I love your work and how you put everything together. Very very nice!


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