Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Museday

I added a button to my red felted wool ornament post for Deck the Halls with Dreaming in Patchwork.

Dreaming in Patchwork

Allison is having a linky party through December 30 where you can link up any post showing your handmade holiday decorations.  "Ornaments, tree skirts, pillows; if you make something that spreads Christmas cheer through your home, it is eligible to be linked up!" Allison says.  AND participants will be entered in a fun charm pack giveaway.  Be sure to check it out, and link up if you can!

Around here, I am working on what I think is the last Christmas gift sewing.  Pyrex comes in handy when trimming dog ears in front of the TV.

Are you done with your holiday sewing yet?  (I can hear many of you laughing right now.)  And as I typed that sentence, I just remembered two more things I am partway done with but have to finish.  And sew it goes.

Musing:  Sometimes I catch myself doing something very, what shall I say, quirky?  I started to write them down this week to share, but I stopped at four, for now, because dumping the lot of them all at once might make me sound like a total nut job.

  • Quirky things I eat/drink:  [Really, where to begin?]  I have been drinking iced tea mixed with diet ginger ale.  It started when I had a sore throat a couple weeks ago and has continued, because it's quite good!
  • Quirky things I do in bed:  Floss my teeth.  [What did you think I was going to say?]  Usually while flipping between Letterman and Leno (or Fallon/Kimmel if it's later), whoever has the more interesting guest.
  • Quirky things I do at work:  Avert my eyes from the gross photos whenever I have to look up specialty medical terminology in the desk reference.  Seriously.  If I do catch sight of the pictures, it's like a train wreck:  Hard to look away, but you really wish you hadn't seen it.  I try to focus on the words on top of the page and hope that whatever word I need isn't between leukoplakia and lichen planus [random example].
  • Quirky things I do in the sewing room:  I use the flat side of my seam ripper to guide thick or oddly oriented seams under my presser foot.  I'm pretty skilled at this, but you do have to be very careful to get it out of the way quickly before it gets under the needle.  Not that that has ever been a problem for me.  Nope, never.
What about you?  Care to share a quirk?

Something that is not at all quirky is this apron, though it is uniquely and completely hand stitched.  I had to repair a side of the pocket that had detached, and, wow, nothing like a little pressure of someone else's teeny-tiny hand stitches to make you sit up a little straighter.

I mean, just look at the stitching.  (Click to enlarge.)

Here is a pin I've placed for reference as to size.  (Duh, it was sitting on a cutting mat with inch marks, P.)

And no, I am not going to show you my repair.  I'd like to hang onto what's left of my dignity today, thank you.

I bought this at a garage sale a couple years ago.  The elder gentleman said his mother had made it, I'm guessing in the 1940s or '50s.  I bought it primarily because I liked the tree print but soon came to appreciate the overall handiwork.


  1. will you post a pic of you in this newly repaired and super cute apron baking cookies? :) your quirks are not quirks to me except maybe the flossing location...hehe

  2. I have way too many quirks to list them all..I can’t put steak on the same plate as mashed potato. I have to crumb stuff wearing gloves. If I get dirt under my fingernails I freak right out. Touching chalk makes me want to throw up. Who’s the nutter now?

    That apron is very cute. The original maker was a very skilled lady. C'mon show us your repairs . It cant be that bad!

  3. Pyrex is handy for everything! That is a cute little dish :) Quirky... my family thinks that my constant need to chew on sonic ice is quirky... but what do they know

  4. That apron is too cute!

    Quirky...well, I do tend to sit on my scissors and rotary cutter. Since my workspace is so small, I just place those tools on the right side of the chair seat. Often, I find that I am sitting on them.

    Please dont tell the quilt police!

  5. My MIL flosses everywhere so don't feel bad!

    I asked the hubby about any quirks I have and he couldn't think of any---UNTIL---he came out and said, "well you do fart whenever you want at home!" GEEZ thank you honey!!! I live in a house full of testosterone. My fish are probably MALES.

    On a different note, I love the fabrics you chose for those HST's:)

  6. I had braces 6 years ago and I still have gaps between my back teeth, where the bands wrapped all the way around. And they left me a gap on purpose on the side, far enough back so you can't see the gap, but I guess it makes the teeth look nicer. And I have a permanent retainer on my six bottom front teeth. There is lots of potential for stuff getting stuck and it drives me nuts, so I carry floss in my purse. Sometimes I floss at my desk at work. I eat there too (no lunch break), so if I've got something stuck in my teeth, then I turn my back to the wall, do a quick floss and move on with my day.

    I just re-read my paragraph. I sound more OCD than quirky.

    Also, they actually make a tool for guiding fabric under the presser foot. It's called a stiletto. I don't use one, though, because why buy a fancy $15 tool when a 99₵ seam ripper from Wal-Mart will do the trick (and is pretty much the same thing)? It's not quirky. It's just great thinking

    Lovely apron! I'm sure your hand stitches are beautiful!

    xo -E

    P.S. Those HST's are intriguing. Can't wait to see what they become.

  7. Really neat apron--reminds me of my grandma! Flossing is a great thing no matter where you do it :)

  8. Quirks? We don't need no stinkin' quirks!!

    And that laughter you heard at the question about being done with holiday sewing was me - and if it sounded a little maniacal/hysterical, it was definitely me!! But I will get a handle on it this weekend!


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