Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Basketball Season

This was my between the holidays diversion project.  I can't decide if I'm done with it or if it needs another border.  Either way, it will be a small quilt, small lap quilt size or, if I don't add any more borders, a baby boy quilt.

Made from thrifted men's shirts, and I forgot how many of those I still had until I went digging through the stash.  Yikes!

I used this tutorial from Life is a Stitch.  I did remove the shirt pockets if they were in the way of the strip I needed, but in the case of that basketball-orange shirt (which I love), there was a machine-embroidered logo at the pocket corner, so I left that.  I think it adds a little character.

Some in-progress pics:

I'm thinking of calling this "Basketball Season."

Were I to make it again, I'd shoot for at least 8-inch finished blocks instead of 6-inch, but it all depends on how much fabric you have in your shirt.  Some of these were short-sleeved shirts, and I had also used parts of them in earlier projects so I had to make do with what remained.  Fun pattern though!

* * * * *
My sister shared her holiday pictures with me yesterday.  Here I am cutting the lasagnas on Christmas Day.

She also gave me, for Christmas, a framed photo that she had taken this fall near her house.  Aren't those poplars gorgeous against the autumn sunset?


  1. P. you are so beautiful! I love that photo of you!

    And I LOVE your thrifted men's shirt quilt. LOVE it! I don't think it needs another border. I love how that basketball orange frames it. And I loved the little tag detail.

    What a beautiful photograph from your sister.

    Also, love your pretty yellow kitchen. That is about the same color I have in my little office space. I think it is so cheerful and calm.

  2. what a great quilt! YOu did an amazing job. I don't think you need to add another border; it's definitely not needed. Another quilt for my to do list.

  3. Im with Elizabeth. You look fabulous.

    I really really want to make a quilt from thrifted shirts...and since yours turned out so beautifully maybe I should put that on my list for this year?

  4. Nice photo of your beautiful self:) The orange frames your quilt perfectly. Great pattern, too!

  5. Great quilt! I like that pattern and its fun made up with the shirts

  6. Hello, it is nice to finally see a pic of yourself...very nice, especially at the stove. Looks mighty tasty! As always I love your quilts. Wishing you a Happy & Healthy new year.
    Warmest Regards,

  7. Looking gorgeous as ever you are :) Love the upcycled shirts! Fantastic idea!

  8. You are lovely, Miss P! Thank you for sharing yourself with us :-}
    I do like the recycled plaids, what a lucky baby boy! Good job ~
    hugs, pokey

  9. Love the quilt! I checked out the tutorial when you posted on it last week and it almost got me going on another WIP.... but I resisted the temptation :)

  10. Thanks for following me. I just love this plaid thrifted shirt quilt. Yeh, more of us are doing it, that is thrifting directly into quilts.
    All the best,

  11. The men's shirt quilt is great!!

    Lasagna is a favorite of mine;)


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