Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Green, White, Orange

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I celebrated with some corned beef and cabbage last night, and going to a flea market today.  Whereupon, I spent just a wee bit of green.

On a sweet little green and white bowl.  Pyrex! 

I negotiated on this, marked $7, asking if the seller could do better, to which he said $5, and I replied, "I'd feel better about $4," to which he mumbled something about driving a hard bargain and not wanting to make his wife mad.  But he ultimately made the deal with a smile on his face.  Me too!

The bunny was a dollar at another booth.  I like his green "tattoos."

For any genealogists tracing Irish ancestors, here's a great site,  It contains an extensive searchable database of records on over half a million passengers who arrived at the United States between 1846 through 1851 (during the famine period) and identified their country of origin as Ireland or ethnicity as Irish.

I'm sure Conlon is a good Irish name, and it's the name of the family in an excellent movie we saw the other night, Warrior.  Brilliant acting and a heart wrenching drama of an estranged family coming together over a mixed martial arts match which pits the two brothers against each other in competition.  I highly recommend, even if MMA is not your thing.  The movie is about so much more than that.

I have hit a wall, of sorts, with the Tea Towel Challenge.  I'm giving it a wide berth today and staying away from the sharp implements while I ride out the urge to hack it apart.  More on that tomorrow.

Meanwhile, in the words of Macklemore & Lewis, "We put our glass to the sky and lift up!"  (PS-Why can't Guinness make a gluten-free beer?)


  1. Great thrifting finds! I thought you had a Herend bunny there, but looks like it might just be a nice knock-off - no gold feet! Happy St. Paddy's day!

  2. Love those vintage acquisitions! I beg you though, please don't post photos of my torso without asking first????? LOL JK

  3. The bowl is really unique, I do not recall seeing that pattern before; was it new to you? I like the bunny, too, great finds for St. Patty's Day.
    I understand avoiding a project you are not satisfied with. Hope that works out in your mind to a good end!

  4. Your a shark! $4, what a deal!

  5. Love,love the bunny. We were walking around Joann's this morning and my son LOVES animals. LOVES THEM! He saw a bunny and started petting it instantly..silly boy of mine.

    I like your term for scissors,seam ripper etc..."sharp implements." Great play on words!

  6. You had the luck of the Irish in finding both those pieces this past weekend. That bunny is cute!

  7. I've nothing much to say today (as I have no solutions for your conundrum), but I can add an AMEN to that bit about GF Guinness.....why, oh why????

  8. Reading between the lines on your recommendation of Warrior: . . . even if MMA is not your thing (because the abs are fabulous).

    Love your cute little Pyrex! And what a funny bunny.

    I'm guessing that Celiac and/or gluten intolerance has put a damper on many a person's drinking habits. Food allergies *eyeroll*.

    xo -E


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