Monday, May 6, 2013

Rose Mini

I decided to try making some roses using a helpful how-to from sophie junction (see her "Freebies" tab).  It was fun to play around, especially after having made only a couple of rather unexciting but functional quilt backs this past week.

On the first attempt, I made a pinkish-red rose.  Then some interesting peachy-yellow bits in the scrap bag caught my eye.

This was then completed with a green background and quilted as a mini.  Yay, something finished!  Who cares if it's only10 or 11 inches square?  It'll be a nice mat under a vintage pot, whenever I get around to potting up something.

I did some pebble quilting in the center, which got old in a hurry, because I couldn't see my stitching very well against the fabric without taking off my glasses and putting my nose dangerously near the quilting foot.  Picture that.  Yep, it was comical.

* * * * *
I am happy to report that the grass was long enough for its first mowing this weekend.

(Image Source)
Believe me, Norm was hardly as excited as this little guy, but isn't he adorable?  

* * * * *
Mama mallard was back in the yard, checking out the real estate.  Daddy duck stayed on the ground, securing the perimeter.  

There is no nest in the tree; she was just measuring rooms and flushing toilets.  

Right after I turned off my camera, a squirrel scuttled up the tree and scared the quack out of her, and off she flew.  She may have an issue with the neighbors barging in unannounced.

Yesterday the weather was just ducky, and my sister and I took a six-mile evening walk along the marsh.  Oh, I wish I'd have taken my camera.  I've borrowed this photo to give you an idea.

(Image Source)
A gorgeous pink sunset illuminated the water.  A thin haze of smoke from a small controlled burn blurred the scene just enough to make it surreal.  I can't think of a better visual finale to the weekend!  How was yours?


Sara said...

The colors in your quilt are so pretty:):) What a eye catching block!

A 6 mile walk with a loved one sounds amazing and the sky is breathtaking.

Michelle said...

Such a spring inspired creation! I love the look of pebbling, but I agree, it is tedious and hard to see.

The ducks, the photo, the mowing - spring has sprung!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, my gosh. Those ducks (and your jokes) never get old. Actually, I think it is your funny jokes about the ducks that keep it fresh. Loved the bit about flushing toilets and the squirrel scaring the quack out of her.

Cute mini! Love the pebbles in the center!

And that sunset is so gorgeous! I love days like these. Spring is indeed, the very best of all the seasons.

xo -E

sophie said...

Been there, done that–nose to the sewing machine trying to get close enough to see what I'm doing :-)

The little rose quilt looks great under that pot.

Diane said...

Love the rose mini quilt! So pretty and happy!

Speaking of happy, the duck is crazy happy!

Sarah Craig said...

Love that mini, P.! It looks very happy with your little bunny on it....

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

I guess mother duck will have to house hunt in another part of town...darn neighbors!

After giving it some thought, I believe your moniker should be "Queen of the minis" or something along those lines. Another beauty!