Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring's A-Poppin!

Finally!  The snow is gone, the grass is green, my daffodils are dancing in the sunshine.

And check out the thermometer yesterday.  Today is more of the same.

Time to toss the gloves and hats to the back of the closet, sort out the summer clothes (and realize you need to walk off those few pounds that have settled around your midsection while you waited out winter).

In quilty stuff, I finished the Hands2Help quilt top.

And a backing for it, making use of an overabundance in same color scheme of Denyse Schmidt fabrics in the stash.  But can there really be too much blue and green?  (Apparently so.)

Finding new music is always fun, too.  Today me and the daffodils feel like Tom Keifer at 26 seconds into this song from his debut solo albumYEAH!!!


  1. Cheery quilt top! Goes great with the daffodils.

    Enjoy your nice spring days!

  2. Hmm, not sure if my comment posted or not... got a wierd error, but just in case, Love the quilt top and the daffodils!

  3. Love your quilt and the blue/green combo never fails. No blooming bulbs my way yet but hopefully soon!

  4. LOVE those pretty daffodils. I have some like them and I love the pretty color!

    Tom Keifer, solo? Hmm. Great song :)!

    And the border for your Hands 2 Help quilt is so perfect. P., that is a beautiful quilt and I'm sure that someone will feel very blessed to receive such a labor of love.

    xo -E

  5. What a great quilt those blocks made!

  6. Those few extra pounds really are not welcome at ALL at my house lol!

    Yeay for spring flowers and fresh warm air!

  7. Hands to help looks amazing and I love the back too. That pop of colour is gorgeous.

    Insanely jealous about your daffodils.

  8. Glad you're getting some spring. It should be spring here - like back in mid-April. We had sleet and snow just last week. No not the kind that sticks, just the kind that crashes all hope that spring will ever arrive.

    Your daffodils are gorgeous.

    As is your Helping Hands quilt. :)

    And Tom Keifer? What solid classic rock!


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