Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sum Total

This is all I have managed as far as sewing this past week.  I made a couple of blocks for Julie's "Sessanta Stella" (60 Stars) birthday celebration quilt.

She asked for star blocks with peacock colors.  I wasn't sure if the orange would overpower the one (but I *heart* that metallic feather print so much), so I made another one just in case with some batiks.  And they're in the mail!

Do you know what else warms my heart?  The fact that my daughter's dear boyfriend asked me to make him a mini that he can use when he eats lunch at his desk.  He mentioned it as I tossed one of my minis on the table a couple weeks ago to set under a hot pan.  "I could use one of these," he said.

"Really??  I can do that!"  (Excited much? Yep!)  I don't have anything together for it just yet, but I'm playing with some scraps that may turn into something.

In the realm of distractions, I joined Pinterest after a long and ultimately futile resistance.  I am not sure what I'm doing but am having fun pinning a few things for now.  I started with some of my older bookmarks (because let's face it, once I bookmark it, it's out of sight and out of mind).  On Sunday, I got really distracted adding to my "Hot in Here" board.  Ahem.  Maybe soon I'll figure out how to add a gadget on the right sidebar, but for now, you can find me floundering around here.

Something else that grabbed my attention today was this new-to-me band, Vintage Trouble (love that name).  What a cool throwback sound.  Here's an upbeat song and then a different one with some especially nice vocals.

Happy almost-the-weekend!  I'm looking forward to a big outdoor flea market on Sunday, and the weather is looking just about perfect for it so far.


  1. Um..your hot in here board is awesome just sayin :)

  2. Lovin' that star block! I don't know if I like the pattern or the fabrics better! Cool!

  3. I enjoyed seeing all that eye candy pop up in my Pinterest feed...

    Love both the star blocks and it's easy to get thrilled when a guy asks you to sew something and it isnt pant hems!

  4. I haven't gotten as much done as I'd like this week, although I am quilting right along ;).

    Love your star blocks! That metallic print is awesome!

    I think that it really cool that your daughter's boyfriend asked for a lunch mat. He obviously has an eye for the beautiful.

    Vintage trouble is fun. I only listened to the first one, but I'll leave this page open until I can get back to it and listen to the second one. Like fabric, you have good taste in music as well.

    xo -E

  5. I love those blocks! Lucky gal!

    Isn't it fun when someone actually *asks* you to make something? I understand why you are excited. :)

    Can't wait to listen to the tunes. :)

    Have a great Memorial weekend!

  6. Oh and as for Pinterest, I just joined too. Completely baffled!

  7. Great star blocks and a terrific band!

  8. I'm glad to see you popping up on Pinterest!! I think you'll love it...

  9. OMG, Just checked out your Hot In Here page - we have VERY similar tastes!!! Love it!!

  10. Your Pinterest boards are pretty interesting...Johnny Depp is the only addition that would make one of them even better. IMHO, of course:)

    Patching or hemming jeans is the only thing I've ever been asked to should be excited!


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