Monday, February 3, 2014

Catch and Release

I took my camera along to the antique mall yesterday.  We came home empty handed but had fun looking around.  It was a whopping 15 degrees and sunny, a good day to get out and shake off some cabin fever.

The place is huge, encompassing several stories and hundreds of booths worth of treasures.  The prices are reasonable too.  It's sort of like an indoor flea market minus the smell of bratwurst and fried donut holes.

I spied a few colorful vintage quilts!

I intended to buy this Frankoma Pottery clover-shaped dish, and I carted it around for awhile before handing it to Norm so I could take a picture of something.  He noticed a pretty good chip out of one edge (about eleven o'clock in this photo).  Aw...there's one that got away.

If you have a fear of clowns, you may want to look past this next one.  This may be the creepiest clown picture of all time.  I cannot imagine a scenario in which someone actually would want this framed and on the wall, except maybe at Halloween.  The stuff of nightmares, I tell you.

If that doesn't give you the willies, I don't know what will.  Maybe this?

An angry chicken pulling a toddler in a cart...charming or creepy?  Yeah, I'm thinking the latter.

Now this next one really intrigued me.  What in the world is going on here?  

A man of the cloth accompanying a woman whose hands are behind her back, I imagine lashed together in some way.  The cart is flanked by a mob carrying bayonets.  Other than that, our gal Ginger looks ready for a party (a good old-fashioned stake burning or gallows swinging?) while the man in black looks like the remorseful one.  Fascinating. 

And also creepy.

There was plenty of Pyrex, all of which stayed safely in situ.

This little piggy was tempting, though.  It gave me a chuckle.

There was an old tackle box full of sweet vintage valentines, all addressed in pencil to "Gladys" on the back.  I'm grateful to Gladys for preserving her colorful collection for posterity.

Norm was a fan of this fan, and about a dozen others.  

Seventies orange lunch box, anyone?  But wait, there's more...

It' rollers?  

Ever wonder why people were skinnier back in the day?  Because Farrah hair was labor intensive, and lunch hour was the perfect time for a cup of coffee, a few cigs, a piece of Ayds candy, and a touch-up.  Don't ask me how I know.


Kevin the Quilter said...

You and Bonnie would have so much fun trying to find the weirdest item at an antique mall! I would have loved tagging along too! My guess about the damsel headed to the guillotine has something to do with the Salem Witch Trials?

Kim said...

Interesting, a little perplexing and downright creepy, are those prints. Mmmm....the woebegone lady...yes perhaps it's off to the gallows for her, but then the garb that she is wearing suggests the era of the Salem witch hunts. As for the Good Lord's servant, he has the pained expression of a man wrestling with the inevitable. Now...if I was there with you, that vintage dresden plate quilt would have found it's way into my basket!!

Michelle said...

What an interesting and creepy shop! The clown reminded me of the movie, Chuckie - despite the fact that Chuckie was not a clown. Guess an evil doll gives me the same feeling.

The quilts were a feast for the eyes though. :)

Lori R. said...

Do we have something else in common? I collect the prairie green Frankoma pottery!

Sara said...

Yes creepy indeed..especially the one with the man and woman! lol

I LOVE the vintage Valentine's and the lunch box is CUTE!!

Shay said...

Did you see any art that wasnt totally creepy? Im with you - that clown IS the stuff of nightmares !

The vintage Valentines are so sweet - I think they would have made it home with me.

Not sure I could have left the quilts there ..unless they were way overpriced?

Pokey said...

Look at you, walking from some pretty cool stuff! The dishes, and oh, those valentines, how sweet. But the other art pieces, oh, my--creepy is definitely the word for it. I agree with Kevin, I think you found a picture of a witch trial!!

KatieQ said...

When I was growing up, I was very skinny so I was fascinated by the ads for Ayds in ladies' magazines. It's too bad they went out of business. I could really use them now. Too bad about the chip, that looks like a great dish.

MomWaldsPlace said...

Sounds like the antique mall that used to be in Cambridge. That is where I discovered Akro Agate.

How do you find those pictures, and who would hang that couple in their home?

MomWaldsPlace said...

Sounds like the antique mall that used to be in Cambridge. That is where I discovered Akro Agate.

How do you find those pictures, and who would hang that couple in their home?

Elizabeth said...

I hope you'll do another catch and release post sometime. This was rather interesting. Hot rollers in a lunch box. And uber-creepy artwork. crazy.

xo -E


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