Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Sundry 2-16-14

Valentine's Day began with a surprise while I was lying in bed (not what you're thinking) doing my shoulder exercises.  See there?  I know how to party.

Norm had been up making coffee.  He came back upstairs with a brown paper bag garnished with a red bow.

"Happy Valentine's Day!  It's not breakfast in bed."  We had just been talking about the whole breakfast in bed thing a few days before.  I said I kind of liked the idea.  He said he didn't really care for it.  Obviously, after 30 years, this is not a deal breaker.  Just one of those things you shrug off and go, "Hunh."

I sat up and took the package.  It felt like...a bowl??  But it was even better.

A cake stand!  Not just any one, but the Georges Briard cake stand I had seen at the antique mall a couple weeks ago.  He had gone back and bought it for me a few days later.

Isn't that sweet?  I love it!

I made him some brownies yesterday in return, which, no, I did not put on the cake stand (are you kidding? I just washed it).  I totally could have though.  I will definitely will use it in the future, just you wait and see.

We went shopping yesterday and I blew my Jo-Ann gift card from Christmas on a smaller rotary cutter, some blades, and these blazing lovelies, which I hope will help melt the polar icecap that seems to have dipped into our neck of the woods this winter.

What will I make with them?  Who knows!  Maybe I'll work some of them into the Tea Towel Challenge project.  I need to get going on that again.

I also need to baste the next UFO to be quilted, which is this one, Hubcap Diamond Star Halo.  Egads, I finished the flimsy two years ago.  Surely it has aged enough by now.

Frankly, I've been a little intimidated by it.  There, I said it.  But "feel the fear and quilt it anyway," right?  Right-o.


Michelle said...

What a lovely Valentines surprise! :)

Oh my, I am really digging that array of sunny and black fabrics. Love the big flowers! So happy!

I'd forgotten about Diamond Hubcap! Reeeeeally enjoy that one! It's so kaleidoscope-y. (Yeah, I know kaleidoscope-y is not a word.)

I thought about taping the trim in order to paint my new sewing room. I guess thinking about it is a start. It didn't happen this weekend.

Kim said...

...and I thought that this was going to be a 'censored' valentine post! Lovely cake stand, you were spoilt! I must say I love your Hubcap Diamond Star Halo....that's a bit clever of you!!

Karen said...

Oh great surprise! That is so romantic ;). I cannot wait to see hubcap diamond star halo done!

Sara said...

What is it with brownies and hubbies??!! Always amazes me how many times I have made them to persuade the hubby to do a "honey do" list item hehehe
I think the cake stand justifies it just fine.

Shay said...

That husband of yours is a definite keeper!

MomWaldsPlace said...

Quilting, fabric?! As great as those we are getting BACK to the cake stand PRONTO. You can't just drop something like a Georges Briard cake stand, and then switch subjects.

More photos, pleeeaaaseee! OMWord!

Kevin the Quilter said...

LOL....great opener P! What a GREAT Valentine's Day surprise! It really is a beautiful cake stand, and I so appreciate your mid century modern aesthetic! Frankly, I love your Diamond Star Halo, and you could quilt it with anything, and I would still love it!

Hazel said...

The cake stand is very special. Your hubs did well!

About the Halo quilt. Did you do the design yourself?

Elizabeth said...

That cake plate is so pretty. What a sweet Valentine from Norm. I love that he loves to thrift with you.

Your new orange & yellow fabrics are awesome!

And that Hubcap Diamond Star Halo is going to be sew awesome! Don't let the fear overshadow that!

xo -E

Pokey said...

That is the best kind of Valentine's Day gift, he noticed what you liked and went back for it. I'd rather have a gift like that than a thousand others. :-}
I sure am liking the hubcap, P. You honesty is refreshing, 'cuz I feel said intimidation on many projects I try. I like the stretch though, especially when we see accomplishment and beauty.
I'm gonna go ahead and back comment on the two newer posts, and talk about intimidation! I L.O.V.E, LOVE your antique remake of the TMLily that has returned from the quilters. Great background story, and completion, BTW. I do not know if I could do that quilt, it is stunning. Also, double kuddos for moving on the paper clutter, I think there are studies that say removing the clutter from our homes helps the brain to function better. I'm needing to do just that. And don't feel too bad about the olive curve, it does take some practice to use the smaller cutter.
hugs, pokey


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