Monday, March 2, 2015

Flimsy and Flotsam

First up, a flimsy.  This is for the Sweet 16 Quilt Along, and it will eventually be donated in the Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge to Happy Chemo.

This was a fun one to put together, although it didn't use nearly as much of the pink stash as I thought it would.  I seem to have a lot of that, for some reason.

As I made the bed today, I thought I'd capture another 16-patch quilt that I made last summer.  This one has brightened my room for a couple months, a very welcome thing this winter.

Then I went rummaging in the closet for the St. Patrick's Day mug rug (by the way, there's a tutorial for that HERE).  Ended up having to drag out the whole cache of mug rugs and minis in the process, because it's never the one right on top when you go looking.  

I could use a better system for storing quilts and wall hangings and smaller things than piled willy-nilly on the shelf of the closet or stacked on the cedar chest (on top of some quilt books on the right, I see; so that's where they went...).

Do you have a system for storing quilts, etc.?

Since the light was decent at that time of the morning, I laid the minis out on the bed.  Now there's a bright bunch, huh?

If that hasn't given you a headache, let me tell you about a dream I had the other night...

Razor Brain
I dreamed I had a routine medical test of some sort, and in the process it was discovered I had a razor blade embedded in the center of my brain!  Now, I know of no "routine" test that includes an x-ray of the head, but just go with me here. 

(Oh, Homer...Not my brain)
The weird thing is I felt perfectly normal.  In my dream, I was back at the medical facility to get more imaging studies done, and I could not wait to find out how it got there!

Which isn't something anyone could tell me, I realized, as the dream became somewhat lucid.  They would look to me for that answer, and I had absolutely no clue!  It's not like you can snort a razor blade up your nose like I snorted that rolled up Flintstones Colorform back in the day.  Even that didn't end up in my brain, but rather went through my sinus, and with a couple more vigorous and somewhat panicked sniffs, I swallowed it.  So it ended up further south, presumably.

These are the things you never tell your parents, by the way, at least not right away.  Fifty years later, maybe (hi, Dad!).  All's well that ends well.  Except for Fred Flintstone, the Colorform.  

Do you remember that heady vinyl smell of Colorforms?  Or the taste of Play-Doh?  Elmer's Glue?  Chapstick?  Just wonderin'...

Anyway, the dream ended without any resolution, unfortunately.  The weird thing is, I'm still curious!

No mystery with this guy, though.

(Sharp mind you got there.)


  1. First, the quilts are bright beauties!

    And that razor-brain dream is plenty strange.

    And ... wow snorted a Colorform? I did too ... It was red, from a Popeye set. I was scared to tell anyone ... and sneezed it out a few days later. I wonder if every little kid does that ...?

  2. It means you are a sharp thinker, decisive and like to cut to the quick of the matter. Ever hear of Occam's Razor?
    What do you think about that dream interpretation?

  3. P.....I have learned better than to take a drink of anything......or eat anything.......or have anything sitting in my lap as I read your blog posts! This one is no exception! I found myself laughing hysterically! I am glad you don't have a razor in your brain! Colorforms eh? My favorite colorfom was a CHIPS one from said TV show. I never tasted Play-Doh that I remember, but, I do remember loving the smell of it! And as far as Elmer's Glue and Chapstick.....I use both of those on a regular basis! BTW, BEAUTIFUL quilts!

  4. When you were speaking of storing the quilts, I was imagining a hanging system so you could shove the hangers to the left or the right to see different quilts and choose one!

  5. You've got me laughing already this morning! Glad that razor brain is just a dream...or IS it? I love bright, fun quilty stuff so your minis are perfect. As for storing quilts/table toppers etc, I have a fabulous method of shoving them into a hall closet. Works for me. And I'm too old to have snorted Colorforms but I remember eating lots of paste in kindergarten and first grade. And we used to make this stuff called "salt dough" that you could make sculpted items from. With my art abilities it was always smarter to just eat the dough.

  6. I think your snorting did affect your brain, as far as dream topics:). Love the sixteen patches! I should make another.

  7. We need tabletop quilts for a display at our library. I think your autumn toned mug rug is going to be in a display!

  8. Oh what beautiful eye candy! It is hard to store them because I want to look at my creations all the time:) Wow what a dream...I have some pretty crazy ones sometimes also:) Thanks for sharing:)

  9. I gonna go with Stabbed through the head..........Still laughing about that....some people!

  10. Your fellow play-doh eater reporting in here. Oh my gosh Paulette! Kevin is right... we should remember not to be eating or drinking anything when opening up your blog, unless we want it spewed all over the keys!
    I had to look up what colorforms were. How in the world would one go about snorting one? LOL They do look like you could design a really cool quilt with one though.
    I also had to look up Occam's Razor, but I love Linda's interpretation of your dream.
    What a bright and cheery and wonderful bunch of quilts! Sorting through them must have chased some of the winter blahs away for sure!

  11. I never snorted anything, but swallowed more than my fair share of odd stuff as a kid! I love the pinks and aquas together, so pretty, and it's lovely to have a peek at all those other quilts as well.

  12. I just love how your sweet sixteen quilt came out. If you ever decide to design fabric (as if it worked that way, but you know what I mean), I'll be first in line to buy your collections. You have a great eye for color and texture and bringing it all together. That is a lovely quilt for a lovely cause.

    Everyone at Bug Cottage got a good laugh out of "I'm gonna go with 'stabbed through the head.'" I mean, seriously.

    And, are you sure you actually swallowed that colorform? Maybe it really is lodged in your brain and the dream was your subconscious sending you a warning.

    I have a bump on my head. I've had it for as long as I can remember, but I swear it is getting bigger. I went to have it checked out, and the PA said it was just the soft tissue under my scalp. It doesn't feel very soft to me. Maybe I need a second opinion. Maybe it was a pea I stuck up my nose when I was a baby? (I don't know that I ever stuck a pea up my nose, but you never know.)

    I'm still quilting away on the Lily quilt. I decided, after sleeping on it, that I like the swirly vines and it is good contrast to all the geometric other stuff going on in the quilting. I have six and one-half lilies left to quilt and then the binding. I was going to quilt tonight, but have had a migraine all week and am just worn out. However, now that it is almost bed time, I kind of can't stand the idea of not working on it. But since morning comes early (earlier than usual, thank you very much daylight savings time) and I have an appointment with the chiropractor bright and early tomorrow, I guess I will just call it a night. Tomorrow. I'll quilt the lilies tomorrow.

    Sorry for such a rambling comment. Have a good one!

    xo -E


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