Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Little Things

I just Googled "how to remove a deep sliver."  Do you say sliver or splinter?  Google wanted to autocomplete the search with the word splinter, which had me wondering whether sliver was maybe a regional thing.  You know, like we Wisconsinites have our bubblers while the rest of the world has drinking fountains or water fountains.  To me, water fountains are those impressive things outside the Bellagio in Las Vegas, meant to take your mind off things like the sliver in your right middle finger.

Anyway, I'm going to try the Epsom salts and Band-aid poultice approach per Dr. Google.  I did self-surgery this morning with a sewing needle and thought I got all of it, but now I see there is still a small piece deeply embedded, further than I care to go poking around with sharp implements using my non-dominant hand.

A few days ago, however, utilizing my sewing supplies for their intended purposes, I finished a little quilt top.  Since I had leftover 2-1/2 inch strips from the last 16-patch quilt, I sewed them together in sets of three intending to make a scrappy rail fence quilt.

And it was okay.  I like random and all, but something about this first layout (below) had my brain working too hard to make sense of things or something.  I shared the in-progress photo with fellow quilter Marei, who offered a suggestion.  

So I tried her idea, liked it, let it sit overnight to marinate, and then sewed it together the next day.

I really like the streak of lightning effect with the red fabric. The rest of it is still random enough, although I did indulge in a little OCD-like orientation of all the bright turquoise strips to the horizontal and the darker teals vertical, which was totally unnecessary but made me happy.

This will either become part of the backing for the 16-patch, or a baby quilt on its own.  Haven't made up my mind quite yet.

The doorbell rang yesterday with my Amazon order of pearl cotton via the mail lady.  The colors were so pretty, I piled them all in the vintage strainer (found at Goodwill last weekend).  

How's that for an Easter basket?  It's Marshmallow Peep approved!


  1. Love your "Easter basket" full of gorgeous perle cotton. Talk about eye candy. How did you end up with a sliver in your finger...or do I want to know? And what's that peep doing swimming in your coffee?

  2. I love the red fabrics arranged as lightening. Much more striking than the first layout. Enjoy using the peele threads too. The colors are so cheering.

  3. I say splinter, but whatever you call it, I hope whatever's left of it in your finger works its way out soon. Love the colors in your quilt and Marei's suggestion; that streak is such a cool little zing ... I'm going to tuck away this idea in my overflowing headful of ideas for future project. Thanks for sharing the before and after--and the striking difference one little change can make.

  4. OMG! I never thought of putting peeps in cocoa or coffee. Where are my Peeps!

    In Louisiana, we get splinters and drink out of water fountains. But we have flying horses instead of carousels.

    I dig my (and Frank's) splinters out with needles from the sewing kit dipped in Dr. Tichenor's. He was a Civil War doctor who first used antiseptic and had more soldiers live than other surgeons. And he was from here, so we all have it in our medicine cabinets.

    It must work, my fingers have not gotten infected and fallen off yet.

  5. Oh I love the streak of lightning change to the quilt top too Paulette. I vote baby quilt - not that you were asking for votes, or anything. The perles look wonderful in the strainer! It is so funny to see a peep bobbing around in your cup - is that coffee, tea or cocoa?
    Let's see... you posted this two days ago... I sure hope your sliver/splinter is all better by now!

  6. Most of the UK has splinters but in the Northeast we have spelks. I also dig them out with a needle and put NewSkin on the wound, this draws any leftovers out.

  7. I'm impressed with the arrangement of the colors in your new top...the red going in a diagonal is great! Also, I'm very curious about the beautiful cotton thread...what is it to be used for?

  8. Ouch! We say sliver. Splinter, in my mind, something bigger. Anyway, I hope Dr. Google steered you in the right direction.

    I love your new streak of lightning rail fence quilt! My vote is that it becomes a quilt of its own.

    Your pearl cotton is so pretty! I love the pretty rainbow of them!

    That Amazon. Sheesh. I went on to find Anne of Green Gables and the sequel on DVD yesterday and ended up with the entire Doctor Who series (from 2005 on), plus the collector's edition of Pride & Prejudice (Collin Firth version) in my cart because BBC productions sold by Amazon are 40% off if you buy 4 or more. My cart is still sitting open. Fond as I am of The Doctor, I don't know if I want to blow my entire rainy day fund in one go.

    In any case, have a great weekend!

    xo -E

  9. Yep- I like the lightning streak a lot. Great choice.

    Love the rainbow of colour in your vintage colander too. So pretty to look at ( or even to use at some point if you are motivated )

    Definitely a splinter down under. Soak your hand in water as hot as you can stand it for 5 minutes - then plunge it into ice water ...the splinter might fall out by itself. Ive also heard you can make a baking soda poultice and that will draw the splinter out( have never tired this myself )

  10. I hope you have sorted your splinter out by now. If not, soaking in hot water would be my tip too. I like your streak of lightning - great arrangement for those blocks. And your perle looks good enough to eat, piled up like that.

  11. ouch; slivers suck. West coaster here and we say slivers.

    Love your Easter basket!


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