Tuesday, June 16, 2015


So you know how I was talking about bringing less stuff home from the thrift store and letting more stuff be for the next lucky person to find?  Yeah, I did that the other day and now am kind of kicking myself.

Because you know what there was at the local Goodwill for the measly price of $6.99?  Yes, six dollars and ninety-nine cents.  

Image Source
A vintage Singer 99K. 

This is only a representative photo, not the actual machine, because when I went back yesterday, it was GONE.  Of course.

Oh, I had looked it over pretty carefully.  It was covered in what I thought was cat hair but turned out to be fake fur fluff.  It had some condition issues, like a missing bobbin case and the sliding plate over the bobbin area.  The cord needed replacement/rewiring, as did the connector cords for the foot pedal.  The top cover of the case was missing and the bottom of the case in which the machine sat was pretty ratty and taped together at the corner.

Not a deal breaker, in my opinion.  Besides, did I mention $6.99?  I've spent that on fast food and regretted it more.

There was a nice gray-haired older lady looking at it with me, but she wasn't looking-looking, just supportive looking.  She pointed to the cord and said, "Oh, you can replace that, no problem."  I was enjoying her being on my side, as well as her awesome arm tattoos, while Norm was being slightly more pessimistic/realistic.

In the end, we walked away.  And then I went home to have second thoughts.  I thought about how it might be an interesting summer project to restore "The Mackenzie" to its rightful luster.  Yes, I even named it—something Scottish, because that's where the 99K was made.

But alas, Himself had already been rescued.

And so it came to pass that upon my return trip to Goodwill, I found some Pyrex.  A consolation prize, perhaps.

This ain't the belle of the ball, as far as Pyrex goes (but that's just, like, my opinion, man). It's a funky not-quite-avocado-green, not-quite-brown.  

On doing some research, the color is apparently known as "mustard gold" and the pattern is "Golden Garland."  I bought it because I'd never seen this metallic gold pattern before.

It's apparently a promotional piece.  Not sure exactly when, but I'm guessing in the late "My Three Sons" to early "Brady Bunch" years.  This is a 1.5 quart 043 casserole.

I also found some fabric with neat maps and ships.  

It was in the form of a men's 3XL cotton shirt, which is a pretty good amount of fabric.

Have you ever gone back for the one that got away?


ThreeOldKeys said...

Between My Three Sons and The Brady Bunch ... that is hilarious!

Maybe it's not wise to name your McChickens before they're hatched ...?

Dolores said...

Yep, several things have gotten away from me but - you have to think that it was meant to be. I have a Value Village just down the street from me and I guess I'll be looking for some big old men's shirts every once in a while. I do get fabric though - and yarn. I have a feeling that because they go so quickly, other VVs send their stuff over to this one. There can't be that many sewers and knitters who've died in my area - or who no longer craft.

Nicole said...

My Featherweight DIDN'T get away! Value Village, 40$. Saw it and loved it but didn't really have 40$ extra, especially for a second sewing machine. So I left it, went home and moped. Husband (once he knew what a featherweight is and how much they can go for) said to go back, we would find the money somewhere...and it was STILL there. Hooray!

Better luck next time.

Marti said...

I learned the hard way never to pass up something at a thrift store that I think I might want later. That was a great deal on the machine.

Shay said...

It's happened to all of us I think. The one that got away for me was a lovely dressing table chair. There were two - I bought one and then decided later I wanted the other one but when I went back next day it was gone.

At least you found some awesome pyrex.

Marei said...

I have never had anything "get away" because I don't go to thrift stores except to drop stuff off....and I never go in. I know me. I know what would happen if I ventured inside so I stay out. Sorry about your ...or NOT YOUR...Singer. A local lady was telling me a couple months ago she got a vintage machine at a garage sale here for $5. $5!!! Unbelievable. I like the color of that Pyrex and think it's closer to the Brady's than my favorite 3 Sons.

Lara B. said...

The "My Three Sons to Brady Bunch era was a favorite! Hahahaha
Until I met you Paulette I had no idea there were so many different Pyrex Patterns. We actually use our Butterfly Gold collection and probably should not.
I leave things behind at sales too... but that usually is okay.
Love the shirt fabric you found!

Lara B. said...

PS - We have three sewing machines that we picked up cheap locally: A Necchi Supernova in a cabinet, a White in a cabinet (with a godzilla finish), and a beige Singer 401. We're trying to rehome them. So those deals do pop up from time to time. Maybe you'll find another Mackenzie.

Catherine said...

My ex and I once saw a painting in an art gallery that we loved at first sight. We decided to sleep on it and went back the next day to buy it. We were so upset because it had sold. A big regret as we both loved it but it was so expensive we had to think about it first.

Elizabeth said...

Late My Three Sons to early Brady Bunch -- ha, ha! I love it. I know you thinking about quitting blogging, but I hope you keep it up, at least occasionally. I love your wit. You are fun to read and I love your projects. They are beautiful to look at.

Sorry you missed out on the Singer. I think about getting a Featherweight every once in a while. One of the employees at the LQS refurbishes Featherweights with her husband. I haven't been in lately, but at Christmas time, they had a really nice one, with case, feet, attachments, everything. It was like $500 or $600. It's a nice dream to hang onto, but I don't think I'll do it. That is more than I paid for my Babylock. I do know what it is like to miss out on a good deal, though, so I feel ya there.

xo -E

Sarah Craig said...

Oh my gosh, P., I can't believe you let that one get away! But thanks for the idea for a name - I think I'll name my 99K Claire! I had to repair the bottom of the case on mine, and the top is gone, but I got her for $25, and she was in pretty fabulous condition. Her owner loved her dearly and she was pristine!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Hmmmm......I see your point, AND I see Norm's point. I personally am waiting for that diamond......not in the rough to be found one day by me!

Kaja said...

Ok, I'm going to come clean and admit that no way would I have been able to leave the shop without that machine. I have reasonable self control, but at that price...I love your consolations prizes too.


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