Saturday, June 6, 2015


Kaja of Sew Slowly and Sarah of Confessions of a Fabric Addict nominated this little space for a Lovely Blog Award this past month.  Thank you to both of them for the honor!  

Truth be told, I accept it with a bit of guilt in that I haven't blogged all that regularly lately and, in fact, have been mulling over whether or not to continue blogging, or maybe just take a break.  But since I can't seem to make up my mind as yet, here we are, and I'm happy that you are still reading too!

As part of this Lovely Blog deal, I'm supposed to share seven things about myself.  Being all about the random, here are some off the top of my head, in no particular order:

1.  In addition to sewing, I love to cook and bake.  Baking doesn't always love me back, however.  Or perhaps more correctly, baking really loves my back...side. 

Chocolate Beet Cake
1a.  I eat, cook, and bake gluten-free and dairy-free (for almost nine years now, for health reasons).  This is not as hard as one might imagine, but I'd be kidding if I said I didn't miss ice cream and pizza and donuts from time to time.

1b.  I love to watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  Also, anything involving Tony Bourdain.  Part of me wants to hang out in a dive kitchen with Guy Fieri, and the other part wants to sit at the table or bar with Tony Bourdain.  Kinda like I want to play fetch with the happy-go-lucky retriever and then chill with the attitudinous cat.

2.  I have some eclectic collections...Royal Haeger and other pottery, vintage paint-by-number paintings, and Pyrex, to name a few.

3.  Going hand-in-hand with #2, I love thrift shopping, but I've now reached the point in life where I want less stuff in the house, not more.  More often these days, I only window shop at thrift stores and leave the cool stuff for others to take home.  

(Aside:  I just got home from a thrift store where there was a well done vintage paint-by-number for about twice what I wanted to pay for it, so I left it there.  Regrets?  I have a few...)

3a.  Finding contemporary, vintage, and other interesting/useful fabric at the thrift store makes my day!  It also makes some of my quilts, like these:

4.  I am an ISTJ, if you're into the Myers-Briggs personality type thing, but with a more flexible, liberal, and less organized inclination than the description implies.

5.  Dark chocolate is one of life's necessities, in my opinion.  I eat a couple squares of it every day.

6.  Listening to podcasts is my thing lately.  Some favorites:  Serial (seriously? so good!), StartUp, Mystery Show, Reply All.  I also love story-focused programs on public radio like This American Life, and The Moth

7.  I started doing "yoga for dummies" in January.  For reals. Some of you may remember this post, and it's ironic that here I am a year later having actually learned a teensy bit of yoga and feeling better for it. Most nights will find me doing some gentle moves and stretches during The Tonight Show.  Jimmy Fallon cracks me up, so maybe it's not truly "legit" if I'm laughing, but it works for me!

"Woman Pulling Radishes" - Not a legitimate yoga move, but fine in the garden!
Now the last part of this blog award is nominating others.  There are so many beautiful blogs, it's hard to pick just a couple, but here goes:

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I hope you check out these lovely blogs and leave some comment love!  Thanks for visiting here today too!


  1. Well, now I've learned some things I didn't know about my "sister from another mother"!! Turns out we have another commonality - dark chocolate (although I just wish for it every day, I don't necessarily get to eat it!) I do hope you don't stop blogging completely - I love reading what you write!

  2. So glad you are keeping it up for now. Really enjoy reading along.

  3. Ha! Just when you think you're off the hook for blogging you get a blogging award. I think the universe is trying to tell you something. Hey why do I always have to Google things when you're talking? You're too smart for me, girl. And now I know a little about ISTJ Personality. That's all the learning I can do for today. Love your blog, P, and I love what you do.

  4. Please, please keep blogging ..... Please!! I SO enjoy your posts - and your take on the special and the mundane.

  5. As soon as I saw you had a post up I hopped right over here Paulette and was excited to see that you did your Lovely Blog Award. You might not have been blogging as much lately, but whenever you do it is a true delight!

    This post is no exception. I'm still laughing over your Guy / "happy-go-lucky retriever" and Anthony / "attitudinous cat" analogies... they are spot on!

    I had no idea that Paint by number paintings were collectibles. My father did two black velvet ones of Japanese ladies when when we were kids in the sixties.

    Still loving both of those quilts! I now look for plaids all because of you.

    I can't think of Yoga without remembering the funny positions you wrote about in your post. And maybe Yoga does need to add a laughter sideline... it would do everyone good and then they can add reading your blog to their list of moves!

  6. I love thrift store shopping too – it used to be my once a fortnight Friday guilty pleasure. Going back to working fulltime has sure put a crimp in my thrift store shopping trips I tell you!

    Im posting less and less these days but Im using my blog more as a diary these days so I get the “should I or shouldn’t I blog thing”. Please keep blogging though when you feel like it- I’d miss your newsy posts if you weren’t posting at all.

  7. As always an interesting and amusing post, with some great pictures (including your fabulous quilts). I'm adding my voice to those who hope you don't stop blogging altogether - maybe just feel okay with being more sporadic?

  8. Sweet P. -- Ten days later I'm saying Thank You for calling my goofy blog Lovely.

    I hope you don't decide to stop blogging. I loved your last post especially, about the museum. You are a bright spot in my little blog world!

  9. Bahaha! I remember that post when you used the "woman pulling radishes." You are too funny!


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