Monday, June 8, 2015

Farewell to a Fellow Blogger

A few days ago, I found out that fellow blogger and frequent commenter on my blog, Hazel Bluhm, had passed away recently.  

I'd checked in on Hazel's blog and saw that she hadn't posted since May 12, which seemed odd in that she was a regular, if not daily poster.

She has a blog where the comments need the owner's approval before they appear.  I noticed that my comments hadn't shown.  I sent her a "hope everything is okay" email.  Was her internet connection or computer down (for two weeks, unlikely)?  Perhaps she was ill or in the hospital?

A day or so later, hoping for the best but fearing the worst, I Googled her full name and then read the dreaded news that had been posted by Karen, an RV-ing friend of Hazel's.  You can read the full account on Karen's blog HERE.

This past year, she had been inspired to repair a family heirloom quilt by painstakingly hand stitching new fabric over the worn spots.  

She really liked my plaid circles quilt and wanted to make one herself.  She had started collecting plaid shirts, and I sent her a box of plaid strips left over from my quilt to add to hers, which she had started piecing into a strata.

Her rescued greyhounds and cat were her pride and joy in life and meant the world to her.  I was so glad to hear from Karen's post that her pets will be well cared for.  Even though she was in a coma, Hazel seemed to obtain some peace from being assured of that in her final hours.

Rest in peace, dear Hazel.  You will be greatly missed.


  1. It was very sad to hear about Hazel, and so unexpected. The up side, if there is one, is that she was living the life she loved and was loving life every day.

  2. What sad news. I popped over to read Karen's post and it seems Hazel was a modern day pioneer scooting round the US in her RV.

  3. Such sad news Paulette and I know you will miss your friend. Hazel sounds like she was a wonderful lady who knew how to live life well. I am very glad Hazel's pets are going to be cared for...that is something you really worry about and I can understand why it would help her to know that.

  4. I have lost a few beautiful quilting friends. One of them lived in Houston (I live in Louisiana) and had 4 sons, none of which wanted her stuff. So the Houston part of our group boxed up all her stuff and fabric into huge boxes and portioned them out to us. I still use some of her pieces in my quilts......and i always smile when I do!


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