Thursday, September 24, 2015


My apologies for the paragraph of gobbledygook in yesterday's post, if you saw it in your feed reader or the post was emailed to you.  I know next to nil about HTML coding, but apparently my attempt to put an "arrow," in the form of typing a left-facing caret followed by a dash, totally screwed up the text that followed it. Who knew two little keystrokes could produce so much WTF?

I corrected it immediately on the blog, but that doesn't correct what went out in the feed.  And I don't know how to correct the feed.  I'm not even sure I know what a feed is.  Except this:

The horses say, "Hay!"
I am busy with work today, but hope to have a few minutes at some point to finish a backing for a flimsy from a few months ago.  Then I'll have two quilts ready to send off for long arm quilting.

After that, I need to "Feel the fear and quilt it anyway" (TM) for the two I have pin-basted.  Will start with the ditch quilting and hope that helps me over the hump.  Baby steps.


  1. Hay to you too Paulette! LOL
    Don't worry about the feed - it's kind of a fleeting thing.
    "Feel the fear and quilt it anyway" - that happens to be what I have to do every time.

  2. I just wish that I could quilt! I can barely sew on a button!


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