Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Final Countdown

That sounds ominous, doesn't it?  Well, let me put your fears to rest by telling you it's simply the title of the '80s song I'm hearing in my head right now.  You know, the one by the band Europe?  (Click the link to share the same ear worm.  It'll be fun!  And OMG, the big hair!  The makeup!  Tight leather pants!  And the pyrotechnics!  It's a wonder the stage didn't go up in flames from all that Aqua Net.)

Why The Final Countdown?  Because I'm about to show you the last two of the 17 kennel quilts I made with scrubs.  Seventeen!  Which is also the median age of female Europe fans circa 1986, and yes I just made that up. 

Small, medium, and larger kennel quilts.  Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear sizes.  But, you know,  for cats and dogs.

You know what else has a strong '80s vibe?  The colors in these quilts.  Think Miami Vice and My Little Pony.  Hot pink spandex pants.
So here are the final two quilts that I finished last week.  Working with what was left of the scrubs and pilfering from the scrap pile at the end of the cutting table.

These ended up about 28 inches square.  The backs:

And here is the final countdown, a quick review of all 17 kennel quilts made over the past year.  Cue the keyboards and pyrotechnics!  Feel free to head bang!



All I had left in the end was a plastic Walmart bag about one-third full of small scraps, and a few odd pieces of solid colored scrub pants legs. 

I tied up the bag of scraps and put it directly in the garbage (which went to the curb that very day, no possibility of retrieval).  The pants legs I cut down to workable size and put them under the kitchen sink to be used as rags for dusting, etc.

Rock on!


  1. Seventeen! Cowabunga Paulette! This is a fur raising achievement!
    i'm still laughing about the Aquanet making the stage go up in flames, hee hee.

  2. Way to go! I'm liking the 80s vibe in these last ones.


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