Sunday, February 14, 2010

Candy Hearts

Rest assured there is some sewing happening at La Casa de PP.* I'll get to that tomorrow. Today is all about the love.

I love music about as much as I love sewing, and they usually go hand in hand. In the past 24 hours, I have listened to everything from Les Paul and Mary Ford to Band of Skulls.

If you didn't catch the Les Paul documentary on PBS last summer, check your local listings. I caught a rerun of it the other night. I've seen it three times now, and it is excellent. He was such a beautiful man, a true genius. And Mary Ford's sweet, pure voice can literally bring tears (Tennessee Waltz, anyone?).

Also a beautiful song, but in a different way, is "Cold Fame" by Band of Skulls. You can listen to it free here. Best song on the CD, in my opinion.

To say my musical taste is eclectic may be an understatement.

So here is my musical Valentine to all (10?) of you who may read this today, starting with a song you've heard probably 325,653 times, but check out this rendition. Talk about pure vocals, Jason Mraz is in fine form here.

In case you don't have nine minutes of your life to spare on the above, here is the Cliffs Notes version by a talented charmer. This little guy will steal your heart!

And finally, just for pure pop pleasure!

Much love to my family and friends, old and new, on Valentine's Day! I hope you are spending it with someone you love, and/or doing something you love. Preferably both!

*My initials, folks. Well, two of them anyway. Bonus points if you can name the comedian/actor who used that phrase in a different context.


  1. Happy Valentines Day to you and yours. Love Jason Mraz. He's awesome! Hope you have a mah-velous day, dah-ling.

  2. P.S. Love the little guy who gets the music right, but can't seem to get all the words! Adorable.


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