Monday, February 8, 2010


I had a post all prewritten about why I wanted to blog about quilting, sewing, and other things, but today I decided that there's a good chance nobody really cares why. So I'm just jumping in without a big to-do, although it's too bad about all that time I put into the paragraph with the obscure reference to the movie Galaxy Quest. And Alan Rickman (sigh). Oh well, maybe some other time.

So this is a bit like jumping off the high dive at the local swimming pool...except I wouldn't really know because I never jumped off the high dive. I was always too scared. I spent days upon summer days of my youth at the pool, having all sorts of fun but never going off the high dive. I just watched from the water as my friends or siblings did it, how they climbed the ladder that seemed to reach halfway to heaven, although now it would probably seem small like everything does when you go back and revisit the places of your past that loomed large in your child mind. It wasn't only the height of the thing but that everybody (I thought) would be watching. And when you're gawky and don't exactly have the cutest swimming suit, not to mention the body inside the suit to want to have eyes on you, the high dive is just one big monument to insecurity.

But to hell with it! Here I am, having jumped into the deep end of a different sort, and no one had to witness the approach, thank goodness, or the belly flop, cannonball, or maybe elegant swan dive beforehand. I don't know yet if the water's warm, and any ripples may only be visible later, but I'm in.

I'm in.


  1. I feel honored you let me read the original, especially with the obscure reference to Galaxy Quest and Alan Rickman (double sigh!).


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