Friday, February 12, 2010

Well, Hellooo Dolly

Whew, VTT was a blast. It sure was fun to stop by and visit the other participants and see all their awesomeness. Thank you, everyone who left comments here. I really appreciate them.

Today, while I rest my pinkies from repetitive Shift+1 key strain, let me introduce you to Dolly.

Dolly is a little piece of trash my husband brought home last summer, and I could not have been more excited.

No, not that kind of trash or that kind of excited. Sheesh.

She had been stripped of all her clothing and basically kicked to the curb. He took her gently in his arms and helped her into the car. When he came in the house with her, like I said, I was thrilled.

You may have gotten a peek at her yesterday.

She's a--what's the word? Mannequin? But she's headless, armless, and legless. Calling her a torso seems like an insult. Whatever, she's our Dolly now, and we (I, in particular) love her regardless of her physical challenges. And she doesn't eat a thing.

However, I have not been a particularly good provider for Dolly in that she is still basically unclothed, save for the aprons I tie on her to protect what shred of dignity she has left. I think she needs a nice blouse or something, don't you? I should make her one. Maybe two. (Note to self: Whoa there now, don't get carried away.) Goodness knows I have enough fabric and should be able to
come up with something.

I was thinking Dolly was maybe a 32 bust, but I thought I better check. Holy tape measure, she's got quite the rack for such a petite thing! She's 36-24-36. Hmm...who do you think created Dolly? And what kind of magazines did that guy read, anyway? I mean, do those measurements actually occur in nature? Because I live in the Land of Beer, Brats & Cheese, and nobody I know has had a 24-inch waist since, oh, second grade.

So let's see, depending on which size chart I consult, she's got about a size 2 waist and a size 8 bust. What the--hey, wait a minute...was this the same person who invented the Barbie doll?

Anyway, Dolly needs some duds. I will see what I can do. Stay tuned...


  1. those were my mother's measurements back in the 1950s! I remember trying on her wedding dress when I was about twelve, and having the front be baggy, while the waist and hips were just a tad snug! Unfair. Well, anyway, I have a fifties era suit style wedding dress in my cedar chest that would fit Dolly perfectly!

  2. In the era of corsets and girdles, a 24 inch waist was very possible. Who wants to wear all that hardware now, though. Ugh. What a horrid thought.

  3. Amanda: Yes, my mother was close to the same measurements too back in the '50s. I'm just joking around here, of course. I bet that suit style wedding dress is stunning. Hmm, I'll have to peruse the thrift stores...maybe, if I'm lucky, something vintage will pop up for Dolly!

    Gaelic, my friend: You know me and that I can't even stand pantyhose. Believe it or not, there are those who are buying girdles and such to wear under their retro outfits. Gotta love 'em for their determination and authenticity to the period! I love retro fashion but don't have it in me to walk a mile in their foundations!

  4. Oh dear, P, you do crack me up. :-)

  5. I want a mannequin so I can pose my Count Chocula costume on it.


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