Tuesday, February 16, 2010

There Can Be Only One

One first quilt. This is it.

I don't remember the year, exactly, but I would put it at around 1992-1993. Sometime just prior to my Highlander obsession, during my brief Michael Bolton phase.

Oh, don't worry, I got over Michael Bolton. By the time the movie Office Space came out in 1999, I was laughing at the jokes (and myself) right along with everyone else.

I may never get over Adrian Paul.

The name of this quilt is "Rose of Sharon." The pattern was from a library book I don't recall the title of. It is stenciled with fabric paint and hand quilted. I love the soft colors. It's baby quilt size. I made it just because I liked it. My baby was already five or six years old, and I knew it would just be kept for posterity.

I made a few mistakes on this quilt. Like fabric, for starters. It's a poly/cotton blend, and a rather thin one at that. I quilted it with Dual Duty machine sewing thread. Are you gasping in shock? Sorry, I didn't know any better at the time.

All in all, I think it turned out okay.


Michelle said...

Lovely first quilt! My first quilt, the Rose Star, was made from scraps--both 100% cotton and poly-cotton blends. There is even a piece of faux suede that's 100% polyester. It is also quilted with Dual Duty--a lot of my quilts are. :-) Guess what, I love it just as much as the ones that were made "by the book" and it has held up just as well.

GaAm said...

I think it's lovely. Save it for M's first child (someday).


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