Thursday, September 30, 2010


"Loops" was the subject of practice for the free motion quilt along this past week.  I've attempted some loopy things before (ha! haven't we all?), and it did not go well, so I knew this would be a challenge for me.  I think I did okay, but I know I'm going to need to spend more time on this kind of motion until I feel comfortable with it.

Oddly, there was no music happening in my head as I practiced these loops on paper.  Nada.  Crickets.

Of course, now that I see things here on the screen, I'm hearing a Strauss waltz.  I think the muse needs to work on its timing.

I did come up with something I named "Ball & Chain."  It was fun to draw and almost as fun to quilt.  

My stitches got really tiny on those small circles in the chain.

Those open figure eight type doodles (third from left)?  Fuggedaboudit.  Not feeling the loose and loopy love this evening.  I like the way they should look, though, so I'll come back to trying those again another time.

My second favorite, after Ball and Chain, was the loop within a loop.  It kind of reminded me of peacock feathers.  Either that or pimento stuffed olives.

Continuing with the loopy practice, I'm going to try to quilt some posies next.  Kay Lynne of Kay'z Quiltz posted a tutorial and I'm fired up to give it a go!

Until next week's FMQA update, keep your needle moving!


  1. I think I should brave myself to try free motion quilting.You have just given me the push I need! :)

  2. They look great! And I love that "old ball and chain"!

  3. It's funny. When I saw the first picture I thought "Wow, I like that one that looks like a chain with the big link." Ball and chain is a perfect name for that. So, when you get good at this, let me know, and when I finally finish something I'll send it to you to FMQ. :D

  4. It all looks fabulous to me but it would be way beyond my patience level! Thanks goodness for women like you who have the talent to do this beautiful work. Have fun sewing!

  5. I love "ball and chain"! "Pimento olives" is very cool too. When I look at the "open figure 8s" overall, I'd say you did very well. It looks like a tough pattern.

    Bwwahhh. I want to practice my FMQ. Instead, I'm just going to have to bookmark this blog so I can come back to it later.

  6. Your loops are looking great!I'm stalled in making up the quilt sandwich to practise. You're inspiring me to get at it!

  7. You have some really nice quilting. I really like the ball and chain pattern.

  8. This is a great post! Love all of your loops. I'm behind on this week's assignment, hopefully will have time to practice today!

  9. Geez, now I feel like such a sewing machine slacker. I am lucky to get the thing set up correctly to do a basic straight stitch. Then again, I got it at a yard sale for $3, and half of the problem is that I got it at a yard sale for $3. Yeah, I think that's what my problem is after all. Not that I am a slacker :-)

  10. Thanks for the marsh tour!

    I love your loopy chain! I've done the double loop and I've even done it with triple loops-it reminds me of old embroidery designs from the 1800s. My problem is continuing them in a way that creates an overall background quilting-it does work great in sashes or log cabin logs.

  11. I think I'll start copying your designs since they're all better than mine:) The ball and chain is very cool. You are doing so good!

  12. Your pictures sure make it look easy, I'll be trying some of your figure 8 loops, and your loop in loops, too! I always feel like I'm wasting paper, but I find it helps to doodle it out.
    Thank you!

  13. P, I think you did a really nice job on the loops! They all look really good.

    I'm so behind. I will probably end up trying to catch up all in one sitting and hate it. I have loved seeing your weekly progress reports, so I'm going to remind myself to pace it out. You're doing great and I love that you almost always have a soundtrack to go with the FMQ.

    xo -El


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