Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Sundry - Vol. 8

I had the nagging feeling, as I was describing my affinity for yellow and green yesterday, that there was something else that I was fond of in that color scheme.  What was it?

Thanks, JKP, for reminding me!

The Packers play the Bears on Monday night.  With any luck, I should be home from work in time to catch the second half.

A Little Less Thought and a Lot More Action
Why is it that the older I get, the more often I feel like my mother I've told someone something, but I haven't?  Well, I have, but apparently only in my mind.  Which is neither very practical nor remotely helpful, in case you're wondering.

This goes for other things too, like blogging.  Oh, the posts I have written in my head but never committed to Blogger.  And quilting—if you could see the quilts I've made in the space between my ears!  

There is probably a name for this condition, and it's probably in the DSMKreskin-itis?  Whatever it is, I'm sure overthinking is a concomitant problem.  Come to think of it, I read a book several years ago called The Hamlet Syndrome: Overthinkers who Underachieve, which was something along those lines.  I found myself described on many of its pages, yet by the end of the book, I was just like, meh.

But what if we could put just a fraction of those transient flashes of brilliance into action?

The Ponder-osa
Recently, I've been enjoying Crystal's blog on minimalism, A Prettyish Kind of Wilderness.  You may know her from her quilt blog, Sonnet of the Moon.  It's got me thinking about the stuff that we surround ourselves with.  So many questions come to mind about the things we buy/collect/can't imagine living without.  

I wonder, for example, what my life would look like if I concentrated on collecting interesting experiences versus things? 

And Now...Things!
I haven't been to a thrift store this week, but here are some things from previous weeks that I know I haven't told you about yet.

Remember those three black and white aprons I fished from the depths of the domestic table at Goodwill several weeks ago?  Well, about 10 days ago, lurking below the surface of the same domestic table were two more aprons.  

I have a hunch they were made by the same person who made the other ones, though I'll never know for sure.  Anyway, I thought they were cute and well made and deserved a good home (mine).

Found this set of Pyrex casseroles at St. Vinny's last Saturday.  They're in perfect condition and came with all the matching glass lids.  Despite the fact that I don't exactly have a place to display them at the moment, I did buy them for $6 for the set.

Turning Dreaming into Doing
The flooring guy came out and measured and quoted us a price for new resilient vinyl flooring this week.  Looks like we're going to go with this, from Mannington.  It's called Macedonia.

Since the half bath is one of the rooms getting new flooring, this seemed as good a time as any to undertake a little renovation project in there.  Let me show you what I'm talking about.

This is our tiny half bath, three feet by eight feet, to be exact.  Seriously, there are larger facilities in most gas stations.  And how about that wallpaper?  I did not choose it, the previous homeowner did, in approximately 1985, by the looks of it.  My daughter's old boyfriend called it the jail cell bathroom.

So the plan is to remove the wallpaper, paint the ceiling and walls, and replace the light bar.  I may need your input on what to do with the cabinet there over the throne.  New knobs?  Repaint it?   Replace it?  Stay tuned for more details as this project evolves.

We Need the Funk
Though it might not make for a hilarious blog post, being in a bit of a funk can sometimes have its upside.  A little introspection is good from time to time, I think, especially if it motivates one to make beneficial changes.

Musically, a little funk never hurt anyone either.  So let's let the Isley Brothers take us into the week ahead.  It's your what you wanna do!


Shay said...

Blogger ate my comment. Wahhhhhhhhhh.

I love your idea about collecting interesting experiences rather than things. I might give that a go for a year.

Love your aprons. I used to think aprons were old fashioned and gave all mine away. Now I completely regret it.

And what colour are you thinking of painting the half bath? That will probably give you an idea about whether you paint the cupboard or not. I like that cupboard actually...

Sarah Craig said...

Good heavens, girl, do you get up at the butt-crack of dawn to blog? I thought I was bad!

I will say that you seem to have had some pretty interesting experiences while collecting things - so haven't you been doing both at the same time?

And on your bathroom - my question would be, do you really need a cabinet at all in the hall bath? A nice basket beside the "throne" could hold extra TP, handtowels, and a magazine or two, and then you could have a pretty picture on the wall. It would make the room seem bigger...

I'll cheer for the Packers tomorrow if you'll cheer for the Titans today...

Michelle said...

HA! I've had the problem of thinking I've told someone something that I haven't or thinking I've done something that I haven't for years. So not necessarily age related. It's probably a sign of a busy mind. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

I'll have to check out the blog, A Prettyish Kind of Wildness. Collecting experiences and collecting tangible items are two different things. The experiences may bring us joy (hopefully) and help us grow. The tangible items that you collect make you happy probably because they remind you of someone or sometime in your life. While I enjoy the creativity my fabric stash permits, it also reminds me of the great grandmother who inspired me. This makes me happy.

Which brings me to your new lovely aprons--so pretty! As is the mushroom garden on your Pyrex.

LOL! Jail house bathroom. I love it! I'll admit it seems a bit dizzying. I'll be eager to watch the changes. (My mother thinks your jail cell wallpaper is pretty. She said that it might be overwhelming in a small space though.)

Love "It's Your Thing". Thank you!

momto2wasd said...

Thanks for the music! It's just what I needed to get me going today. A song I haven't heard in awhile either!

Elizabeth said...

P., this was a great post! Love those yellow and green flowers. I'm not into football, so I can't say one way or the other on your pick of teams. As for the Pyrex, have you considered a treatment program for that? Love the new aprons -- you look darling in them and I got a peek of that quilt with that fabulous Chinese Lanterns fabric (is that the name of it? I forget) in the back ground.

As for the bathroom, what color are you painting the walls? If you're going to do a color, then I suggest white for the cabinet. I'm a little white obsessed (but not as much as Mrs. P. -- I'd never do white tile on the floor!).

Thanks for the funky music. Loved it.

xo -El

GaAm said...

I didn't realize that bathroom was only three feet wide. What was it before? A broom closet? Maybe a sink that doesn't take up half the walking space would be good? Just a thought.

madge said...

The Pyrex is wonderful! You can't beat that price...


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