Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Plan for the Can

I'm about to start deconstructing the half bath, probably Wednesday.  Tomorrow morning, though, I'm going to do my free-motion quilt along homework from last week.  A gal's gotta have priorities.

Okay, bathroom "before" shots, here we go.  Here is the overall view of the three by eight foot space.  The ceiling height is dropped a bit from standard, so it'll be easy to paint.

Here's the view from the throne (yes, the lid is down).  I'm even leaning back here (and artsy angle, woo!) to give the illusion of more space, but I'm not kidding anyone am I?  In reality, one could multitask quite easily from a seated position, what with the sink being so handy and all.  And one does.

So the first step will be to remove the wallpaper.  Cross your fingers that it comes off relatively well and reveals little damage to the underlying wall.  It seems like it's really stuck on there good.  I have a feeling I may be in for a challenge, but I hope I'm wrong.

I have already bought the paint that'll go on the walls (because the 40% off sale ended Sunday).  The color is called "Take Five" by Sherwin Williams.  Here it is in the paint can, but I'm hoping it looks a tad darker on the walls, like it did on the paint chip.

You're going to laugh at me for this, but whatever.  I bought this picture at some garage sale or thrift store, I don't even remember when or where.  I was going to use the frame for something else.  I think the image is just one of those flimsy papers you're supposed to take out before you frame whatever nice thing you intended to frame.  I could be wrong.  Anyway, I liked the picture, so I left it and put it up in the bathroom.  I reminds me of places around here.

I will be "retiring" this picture, but I'm not sure what I'll put in its place.  That's way down the list of things to worry about later.  In the meantime, if any of you are seized with inspiration for wall art, please let me know. 

Current light fixture (circa 1977 when the house was built?):

Possible future light fixture?

I like the modern look and the profile doesn't come too far out from the wall.  Haven't bought it yet though.  It was at Home Depot.  I have a photo of it mounted on the display wall at the store, and you can see the curve of the light, but Blogger has a mind not to allow me to upload that pic for some reason.  What gives, Blogger?

At another home store, there was this one, which I originally thought I liked more.  But now, I think I like the first one.  As far as finishes, I prefer brushed nickel to chrome.

Floor before:

Floor after (a few weeks from now):

Not sure about the medicine chest.  We do use it.  Right now, my inclination is to leave it as is but change the hardware.  Mostly because I'm lazy that way, but also because with blue walls and brushed nickel accents, the room might already be on its way to being "cold."  But I would consider painting it too, if that seemed like the thing to do.

Definitely will need something besides the fake foliage on top, and something interesting for the shelf, eventually.

Oh, and these little things will also be retired.  I bought them at a craft fair long, long ago in another millennium.

Towel bar and TP holder will be replaced with something non-wood, probably brushed nickel.

So that's the current plan for the can...man.  Thoughts?


  1. I like the first light, and I like the brushed nickel, rather than chrome.

    Maybe, instead of the cabinet, a shelving system would work. I don't know what you keep in the cabinet, but if it is something that can be out in the open without looking like a pharmacy shelf, maybe a more streamlined, less cumbersome feeling shelving unit would be better. I don't think the link will go through here, but here is the url for something like what I'm talking about:


  2. What a pretty color. I would paint the medicine cabinet and the door white because they need to blend in a lot more. Currently they stick out. I would also add a beadboard wainscoting so it looks real crisp and clean. If you did that, there are a lot of ways you could go with decorations. You could go nautical, ocean or even modern.

  3. Your blog title really gave me a giggle. :-)

    The blue paint you've chosen is really pretty. I like the more modern looking light too. Like you, I prefer brushed nickel to chrome.

    As for the cabinet, I tend to agree with you. I've always liked honey oak with blue. The blue is cool, but the wood is warm. I was in a beautiful house that was done in all blue and white. Beautiful, but quite chilly.

    Oh, and I like the picture in your thrift store frame. :-)

  4. Good luck with the wallpaper! We had some at our house that was AWFUL in every sense of the word. Even a steamer wouldn't get it off...

  5. Love the blue paint, and all of your ideas for your bathroom. We re-did both bathrooms this summer. One was circa-1950s with plastic wall tiles. The other was circa 1980s with a nasty mildew-prone shower stall. I should post pics!

    It was fun picking out new stuff. Enjoy!

  6. Will the center of your cabinet panels come out? You could remove the panels and replace them with glass or something else sheer or semi-sheer - paint the inside of the cabinet a darker shade of the wall. Just a thought! I like your plans so far!!

  7. Do I sense a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby coming on? Remember Marie has great taste!

  8. I still say you should paint that cupboard above the throne. Toilet sounded to base to say out loud. Oh, and while we're talking about the toilet, I'm so totally laughing about that multi-tasking from the seated position remark. Seriously? OK, back to the cupboard -- I think that white with that blue paint and the tan floor would look spectacular! Seriously. You probably already have a plan, but I'm just throwing white out there again. With brushed nickel hardware.

    Don't you love my 'armchair decorating?'

    xo -El


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