Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Sundry - Vol. 7

My brother Darrell makes his own homemade salsa every year.  It's a labor-intensive, Labor Day weekend tradition that he undertakes solo.  I think he said he canned something like 50 quarts this year.  It's quite the production, often involving an all-nighter until the last jar is filled.  And his salsa?  ROCKS!

Here are a few of the peppers he grows in his garden for this endeavor—jalapenos, habaneros, both hot and mild banana peppers.  He shared these with me this week (thanks!), and so far I've made chili and spicy pulled pork with some of them.  I'll probably throw a few in some pad thai tomorrow.

We like it hot up in here, culinarily speaking.

See the XX label on that jar?  That means it's a midrange salsa on my brother's heat scale, which goes from one X to three Xs.  One might think, then, that a double X means medium heat, right?  Not exactly.  Compared to a medium heat store brand, this tastes something more on the order of "Fire in the Hole!"  

And his XXX?  Well, to paraphrase Nigel from Spinal Tap, "This one goes to 11."


Does anyone remember the old filmstrips from grade school?  The image would be projected on a screen, but the audio came from a 33 rpm record or cassette tape, which would sound a tone that meant it was time for the projectionist (i.e., the teacher or the class brown-noser) to advance the film one frame.  

Does that sound like ancient technology, or what?  And we did math on an abacus and chiseled our homework on stone tablets by firelight.

Anyway, sometimes I think I need a divider on these sundry posts as the segue to the next subject.  That's what the [beep] was above.  Feel free to leave better ideas for a divider in the comments.


I dropped in at a small, local flooring store this week to check out options for our kitchen/hall/half bath.  It would appear, from my less-than-scientific observations, that most flooring falls into one of four categories:  Wood, stone/tile, fake wood, or fake tile.  Good thing I didn't have my heart set on that hideously colored/patterned crap from the '70s.

Speaking of both hideous crap (not really; I love this pottery) and my trip to the flooring store, this was an actual exchange that occurred in said store.  Just for fun, let's use these vintage Haeger vases I dragged out today, for fall decor, to illustrate.

Setup:  I had been talking to a helpful female sales clerk and had given her my info so she could set up time for someone to come out and measure.  Then she invited me to continue looking at the samples and let her know if I wanted to take anything home.  I disappeared behind a display toward the front of the store.  The store manager guy had come in through the back while I'd been talking to the sales clerk, and assumed I'd walked out the front door.

Okay, here we go.

Store Manager (in a normal voice):  She's a tall drink of water.

Sales Clerk:  Yes...and she's still here.

Me (from behind display):  I heard that.

Do you think I should ask for a discount—the Manager's Embarrassment Special?


I did get a couple more gathered clutches sewn this week.  I especially heart the gold one, made from what I have left of a couple Frolic FQs.

I've been just putting in the card pockets, not the other divider on the inside.

Every zipper gets a little easier and smoother.

I'm making these from stash and thrifted zippers, and I've been pretty lucky coming up with fabric combinations that will work with the color zippers I have.  But yesterday I had an idea for a combination I didn't have a zipper for, so a run to the thrift store for stock replenishment was in order.

I did get a few more zips, none in the color I really wanted, but I took what I could find for a quarter or so apiece.

I may or may not have also found some Pyrex..which I may or may not have room for...but which I may or may not have purchased anyway.  I think I'll save that post for another day, though.  It'll give me time to get my story straight!

Thanks for visiting!  Please enjoy some Peppers.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow (Hey Oh) - (Link to youtube video, because it didn't allow me to embed it.)


  1. I'd be thrilled to get such a compliment! :o) And yes, be sure to ask for a discount...bat your eyes a little bit too. ;o) Your clutches look fabulous! I really need a sewing fix. I'm living vicariously through blogs instead. Happy Sunday! :o) Larri at Seams Inspired

  2. I think you should open up an etsy store for clutch purses. They really are pretty.

    Mr. P is a huge salsa fan and as far as he's concerned it can never be too hot. Me- not so much. What a great tradition though for Darrell to have (does he do it solo to keep his recipe secret I wonder )

    You may or may not have to add another to house the pyrex you may or may not have bought.

    Ummmm...maybe sub headings instead of the beeps?

  3. You just crack me up. I love reading your posts as I am entertained every time.
    Using the vases to illustrate your story was hilarious. I like that you did pick the tallest one to play the part of you. And the wide open mouth vase...did that adequately represent the sales clerk :)
    Your clutches are beautiful. It's nice your able to use up some of your scraps and come away with such a pretty clutch.

  4. I'd need -X salsa!
    Great come-back at the flooring shop!
    Love the little clutches! Such happy fabrics!

  5. I like my salsa mild. I'm not trying your brothers.


    ROFL! I absolutely love that you got checked out, commented on and got to hear it. I'll bet it was a huge ego boost, even without the Managers Embarrassment discount.


    Those clutches are darling.


    That bit of plaid Frolic fabric I promised you may or may not arrive in your mailbox tomorrow.

    xo -E

  6. So admire your brother's Labor Day tradition--canning your own salsa from peppers grown from your own garden. Cool that you get to share the bounty. :-)

    I remember the beep. I like the beep.

    Your clutches are all so pretty! I'd be hard pressed to choose a favorite, but if I was forced, I'm partial to the blue with the purple band. I'm so envious. I want to make one (some) of these. No chance in the foreseeable future though.

    I'm still debating on whether the flooring guy should give you a discount.... ;-)

  7. I remember those film strips! (But not until you reminded me!) Ask for the discount - what's the worst that could happen? You might get it! And there is another flooring option - Resilient Vinyl Flooring, which is made of vinyl but doesn't look like it - sometimes it looks like planks of wood, sometimes like natural stone - I used a stone-look one in my bathroom, and it's even grout-able! Such an improvement over old-time vinyl.....

    Love your clutches - my faves are the green one and the pink and grey. I may have some zippers I can send you, if you'd like - I'll see if I can put my hands on them and send you a pic later this week.


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