Thursday, October 7, 2010

Favorite Things Friday - October Sky

It's Friday, and that means it's time to link up with Favourite Things Friday at Quilting in My Pyjamas.

One of my favorite things is the October sky.  

Maybe it's the changing colors that draw the eye upward.

Or the ever morphing weather patterns—warm and sunny one day, twenty degrees cooler the next, frost on the pumpkin at night.

I took all of these photos during the past five days. 

Words seem unnecessary.  Just enjoy.

Take some time to gaze at the sky this weekend.  Thanks for visiting!


  1. Wonderful photographs. The sky always looks so much bluer in the fall and the late afternoon light is so warm, almost golden (at least in OK it is). Thanks for sharing!

  2. What glorious pictures! You live in a beautiful place.

  3. Wonderful photographs, I always love being able to look up at the sky and watch the changing weather/clouds/colours. I especially love sunsets. It looks like you live in an absolutely lovely area. thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

  4. Lovely! The sky as well as the surrounding countryside.

  5. Beautiful favorite! Thanks for sharing. Happy FTF! :o)

  6. I kind of miss the open skies of Wis. Here, you have to be at the top of a mountain, or father east to get full views of the sky.

    I've always felt the color of the sky in fall is the most vivid. I'm sure there is a scientific reason, and part of me wants to know why, but I think I'll just pretend it's because the sky enjoys autumn as much as I do.

  7. OMG, your photographs are gorgeous and make me want to get outside. A great favorite.

  8. P these are fabulous. The thought occured to me as I was looking at them that now I know where your daughter gets her artistic eye/talents from.

    The sky in your part of the world looks amazing. I wonder if ours looks like that .I'll have to make a point of looking more often.

  9. Your part of the world looks lovely :-)

  10. I know what you mean about the autumn sky - it is such a different color than any other time of the year. I don't know why - and it wasn't that way in Florida when I lived there - it must have something to do with the cooler weather and change of seasons! Your pictures are wonderful, especially the last one! Thanks for sharing!!

  11. Gorgeous! Fall is lovely. And I know it is here in earnest because my hands are cold all the time.

    xo -El

  12. Hi Ho...I'm your newest follower and my dad is Jabacue...your sky photos are fantasmagoria...seriously love 'em!
    Sophie..the Labradoodle!


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