Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Further On Up The Road

If you're a blues fan, like me, that title may bring to mind a great song.  In fact, I'll put the YouTube link below.

But what I'm talking about today is further on up the road on our little getaway last week, wherein I visited a couple of quilt stores.  The first was a neat place in Sparta, Wisconsin called Quilter's Corner.  It was in an older home with two stories of fabric and a basement of finished quilts, table runners, purses, etc. for sale.  Found a pattern and some black & white FQs.  

Also bought some FQs of this fabric, but the designer's name escapes me at the moment.  Someone remind me, if you recognize it.  I really don't remember.  Anyway, I liked it a lot!  (Edited to add: It's Sanibel by Heather Mulder Peterson.  Thanks, Jenny!)

Leaving Sparta, and even further on up the road, we stopped at Rather Bee Quilting in Lake City, Minnesota.  Another great shop! But first, here's what our driving view was off to the right for much of that leg of the trip.  

This is a view of the Mississippi from Hwy. 61 somewhere between Winona and Lake City.  I think it may actually be Lake Pepin we're looking at below.  These fishermen were friendly.  They waved right after I snapped their pic.

I bought two half-yard cuts of black & white fabric, another pattern, and a yard of this cool red/black/white print.  

Then Norm found something he liked.  I bought a couple yards of that.  I'm thinking it'll be worked into a Christmas present for someone we know (and I hope he's not reading this!).

The backdrop for the fabric pics today is the new flooring.  Also, here is an update on what the bathroom walls look like for those who have asked.  Sorry about the dim lighting in there.  We still have to get the new lights mounted.

This is what I was working on today—the first coat of who knows how many on the bathroom cupboard.  

Tried spray painting it yesterday (fail). So I had a quart of enamel mixed today and am brush painting now.  I need to get  this done so I can get back to sewing soon!


Keetha Broyles said...

We drove from LaCrosse up to the twin cities that way once - - - I remember how BEAUTIFUL that drive was! And at least PART of the time, there were high bluffs on the other side of the highway with some gorgeous homes on them.

Oh, and we found a WONDERFUL "cider mill" type apple shop along there too - - - it was late October when we went, and I got some of the BEST apples I've EVER eaten.

Jane said...

Beautiful area and what a great time of year for that drive. The bathroom looks like it's coming along. The cabinets may take some time but it will be so worth it when you are finished.

Jenny said...

im thinking Sanibel by heather mulder peterson? is that the fabric? anyway, when i saw your title it actually brought eric clapton to mind...and the THREE times i have seen him in concert with my sister...she is the biggest EC fan ever!
looks like you had a great trip! we leave tomorrow for a 6 day trip and i have requested stops at about 8 fabric shops...ill be happy if we actually stop at 4 of them!
remodeling looks super!

SueWis said...

We're going up that way in a few weeks. Going to Mpls via Northfield, so maybe close to where you were?

Love your choice of fabrics that you accumulated along the way. Somebody's going to make something with a black and white theme, maybe?

Elizabeth said...

I've loved reading about your trip. All of the scenery is gorgeous! My favorite is that red, white and black fabric you picked.

The bathroom is looking good. The blue is a pretty shade and I'm totally cheering you on with painting the cabinet. I feel like I should maybe come and help (lol).

xo -El

Larri said...

Looks as if you had a fabulous trip! Here's hoping you finish that bathroom soon so you can dig into those yummy fabrics! :o)

Shay said...

I'm so glad you're back because I missed your newsy posts.

That's a diverse range of fabrics you picked up. And the scenery . Oh MY!

Good Luck with the painting. Oh how I feel your pain.

Find any pyrex while you were travelling?

Anonymous said...

Lake Reminds me of Little House on The Prairie (the books, not the TV show). Love those fabrics, especially the black and white ones!.

I like the pale blue in the bathroom, and the flooring is lovely!

Michelle said...

Fabulous fabrics and scenery! How cool is that? You know I'm very partial to black and white fabric so I'm eager to see what you do with these.

Love the color of blue on your bathroom wall. Your cabinet will look terrific with the blue.

As for the song...well P., you know what I like. That was awesome!


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