Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Sundry Vol. 11

I've been trying to get used to a different schedule this week.  My husband went to second shift, so he is now home precisely when he used to be at work.  The house is no longer quiet when it used to be quiet.  I'm not the kind of person who likes having the TV on for background noise, but he does.  

Recent Thrift Store Find - 1970 Beistle Skeletons!
I work from home some of the time, and my concentration has been all out of whack, plus I get interrupted with Really Important Questions.  Like, "Where is the can opener, I can't find it," as the drawer of jangly kitchen implements is being pawed through with all the finesse of a black bear at the dump.  Then there's the daily question of lunch.  I am not about to cook a big meal at noon, and by big meal I mean ANY meal.  Which sounds pretty definitive when I type it, but it doesn't quite accurately convey my sense of waffling and guilt when I said it out loud.

Oh, I'm sure we'll adjust in time, but right now, the change is messing with me.  I know some of you have small children, boisterous teenagers, multiple large, domesticated animals, and possibly peskier spouses underfoot all day every day, and all I can say is my hat is off to you.  I honestly don't know how you do it, handle the chaos, without prescription meds or a cocktail hour commencing at 11:00 a.m.

Let's Go Shopping
Check out these handmade cards I picked up at the quilt store in Minnesota.  They are made by a local woman there, Corrine McGinty.  Just look at all those tiny paper folds!  Each card is unique, and now I wish I had bought a few more.

A couple months back, I found this platter at a flea market for a dollar.  There was no marking on the back, and I knew nothing about it, other than I liked the vintage cattail motif.

Imagine my delight when I came upon a whole bunch of this stuff at the antique mall last week.  Behind locked glass, no less.  

The pattern is apparently by Universal and it's called "Cattail."  Go figure.

Check out the price-y tags:  $25 for ONE glass, $30 for ONE creamer (not the set), etc.  No, I did not ask Mr. Shop Owner for the key to the case, just whether I could take some photos.  He was a nice guy and told me to have at it.

It's Ba-ack!
I got a quilt back from Sandy, my longarm quilter, this week.  Yay!  Now I'm itching to get the binding on it and get it done.  

I'll share more photos once it's finished—and believe me, living in the state of in-between that has been my house the past couple weeks, I am so looking forward to finishing SOMETHING!

Loose Ends Tied
You may remember this dirty piece of Pyrex from a few Sunday Sundries ago.  

I did get it clean and posted about it and some other things at The Pyrex Collective.  It was nice to also find out a bit more about it from the knowledgeable and friendly folks who commented.  

Norm mentioned he was hungry for enchiladas the other day, so this piece will be called to active duty soon.

With any luck, by this time next week, I may have things back in order in the half bath.  It won't be fully decorated but we may have a cupboard back on the wall and a new towel bar, TP holder, and light fixture mounted.  I am hopeful!

Dad Rocks
My father gave a talk at the local archeology association meeting this past week.  I happened to be in the neighborhood and dropped by to listen in.  

He spoke about the history of the Horicon Marsh from the mid-1800s until about the mid-1900s.  How it was dammed and made a lake, then drained, the heyday of the hunting clubs, fur farms, dredging operations, ice harvesting, etc.  

Fascinating stuff!

Thanks for visiting today.  Have fun creating your own history this week!


  1. P. - As a girl who homeschools 2 rowdy boys, and is full-time caregiver to a retired-due-to-health husband, I FEEL FOR YOU! :o) It took about 6 weeks for us to get into sync with DH being home. It's been fairly smooth-sailing since then. Kahlua in the coffee or hot chocolate helps. ;o) Hang in there! Love the Cattails! I'm going to look for some. Happy Sunday! :o)

  2. New schedules are always rough. I remember when I was the PRN (as needed) lab tech for awhile. Sheesh! Working different shifts is PITA. I had to laugh about your phrase: "as the drawer of jangly kitchen implements is being pawed through with all the finesse of a black bear at the dump." That's a perfect description! Do all men do that? My dad certainly did.

    That cattail pattern is so pretty. I'm not much of a dish collector, but I really do love that one. Cool that you were able to find out more about your piece.

    Thanks for the sneak peek on your quilt. The quilting is lovely! Can't wait to see the whole thing.

    The turquoise Pyrex cleaned up beautifully!

    So neat that your dad got to share his knowledge of the area. For the younger crowd it had to have been special to hear it from a person who actually saw all of those changes.

  3. Oh I hear you Sister! With Mr. P not working at the moment our routine has been turned upside down. I've been smart.I've gone to work every day since that started because I know I'm not going to get any peace while he's home. By the time he's working again I'll have enough flexi to take a fortnight off to enjoy the peace.

    Isnt it fabulous when you buy something cheap because you love it then find out its worth squillions. Such a thrill.

    Good luck with the half bath. These things always take longer then planned. I completely understand about you needing a finish with something so you go girl with that binding.

    How wonderful your Dad has such a sense of the history of the marsh. He's a living treasure.

  4. "...with all the finesse of a black bear at the dump..." I LOVE IT!

    Once again, you have made my day with your Sunday Sundry. I'm sorry you're having a hard time with DH, but it will get better (liquor helps!). How much was your cattail platter worth, according to the antique store? Squilions? (i love that word, may have to co-opt it!)

    Nice to see pics of your dad talking about what he loves!

  5. Who said prescription meds don't come into play?

  6. Mr. Bug has been 'working' from home for about six years now. When his job was eliminated at the end of April, I was really hoping he'd go and get a job at an office. No such luck. I'm with you on the lunch thing. Urgh. Fend for yourself, please. And if you're going for take-out, will you get me something please? And quit pawing through the drawer. It may look like a mess to you, but everything has a spot in there and if you mess it up, I won't be able to find it for you later.

    I wonder what Mr. Shop Owner would give you for your cattails platter (wink, wink).

    xo -El


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