Monday, October 18, 2010

Honey, I'm Home!

We're back from our mini-vaca, feeling refreshed and having had fun cruising through the middle/western part of the state before heading north along the Mississippi River.

On the recommendation of friends (Kathy, as well as Keetha) we ventured first to Wildcat Mountain State Park.  

Now this is Wisconsin and these are hills, not mountains, but awesome hills nonetheless.  

We hiked a few different trails that afternoon, huffing and puffing (and oohing and aahing) our way up, down, and around on leaf-covered, narrow paths.

We scavenged a couple of walking sticks along the way, which were crucial to our survival helpful.

The views were spectacular.

That's the Kickapoo River down there, which would be fun to canoe, were we of a mind to do so.  Instead, we were of a mind to walk.

Hey JKP, did you know there was a Mount Pisgah here too?  I thought of you.

The road winding through the park was fun to drive.  I thought of the video that Keetha had posted on her blog.  I'm sure it'd be a blast on a cycle.  I was driving a Toyota though.

A great oldie from Rare Earth came on the radio as I was navigating the curves, heading west.  Talk about the perfect driving music! 

Try this:  Click to play the first video but mute the sound on it.  Then, simultaneously, click the second video for the music we were listening to on our drive. Watch the ride and enjoy the music!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! You were missed.

Michelle said...

You saw some absolutely gorgeous scenery! Totally awesome. And I did enjoy the drive with Rare Earth. Very cool. :-)

Keetha Broyles said...

GREAT pictures/post.

My roots are deep in that county. My mom was born and "partially" raised there. Our family campgrounds were there. Three of my Aunts lived and farmed there.

When you climbed to the top of Mt. Pisgah and looked down - - - back in my childhood days there was a little Wesleyan Church at the base. There is still a Mt. Pisgah church, but it has relocated a few miles away now.

As a teen I canoed the Kickapoo many a time.

Just a lovely, lovely post/visit to Vernon County!!

Shay said...

But where is the 5 star hotel, pool boys and cocktails because thats my idea of a vacation....

OK Ok, sheesh ...walking and hiking looks like so much fun. The scenery is rather breathtaking. It all looks so lush and peaceful and pretty.

(I still think someone on the track holding a cocktail out to you so you can drink as you walk would be good)

I missed you (as you can guess from my garbled comment which is how I masquerade my excitement at your return.

Joe said...


Makes me miss Wisconsin.

SueWis said...

Beautiful! Will put this on my list of places to visit, for sure.


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