Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Sundry - Vol. 19

I've taken a pretty minimalist approach to Christmas decorations this year.  We plugged in a pre-lit, four-foot tabletop tree the first week of December, but never got around to hauling out the other boxes.  That's okay; we're feeling the Christmas spirit all the same.  

My dad gave me some vintage ornaments that he remembered being on the family tree when he was growing up. I put some in an old relish dish and hung the rest.  I came downstairs one morning to find them sparkling in the sunrise through the east window.

I made good progress on various sewing and quilting projects this week.  I finished sewing all the clutch purses, which I blogged about earlier this week.  I also worked on a couple other small things, which I can't show you yet because they're gifts and the recipients might be reading this.  

I also finished quilting the baby quilt for a friend.  It's done in a variegated blue thread, which seemed to work pretty well.

And I made myself a hat out of some scrap fleece.

It really makes my hair static-y, not to mentioned flattening the heck out of my do.  But it's warm.

Digging It
The blizzard of last weekend dumped 11 inches, per the official total.  It took a few days for the snow to finally melt off the top of the garden window.  As it did, an extraterrestrial appeared. 

E.T. phone home...

My African violets don't care what the weather is outside.  They're bloomin' crazy!

This is the one I repotted a couple months ago.  It's pretty happy about its new digs, I think.

The doorbell has been ringing fairly regularly with deliveries of Christmas gifts ordered, etc.  But I was super stoked to get this package.

Cheese!!  Well okay, it's fake cheese, which I'm sure sounds like a really strange thing to get excited about.  But since I have to eat dairy-free (and gluten-free), I was ecstatic to find out about this vegan alternative.  So far I've tried it on a tuna melt and in a baked pasta dish, and you know what?  It tastes like cheese!  We are having lasagna for Christmas dinner, and I cannot wait to make a pan with the mozzarella for my daughter and I to enjoy.

Though this post seems pretty much all over the place, things are coming together for the holidays around here.  I have wrapping to do and maybe a little more baking.  

Gluten-free Chocolate Cookies, recipe by Gluten Free Gobsmacked

How about you?  Are you ready for Christmas?

I listened to Harry Connick, Jr.'s holiday album while I quilted today.  Here's one of my favorite tunes to get you started out on a festive glide over the week ahead.  Enjoy!


Shay said...

ET made me laugh really does look like him!

Love your decorations.

Keeping the recipe for my Mum. (And telling her about the fake cheese that tastes like the real thing )

Thanks for the Christmas music. Harry is just so mellow isnt he?

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

some of the grocery stores around here are starting to sell gluten free products now I noticed, I think it is becoming a more aware of heath concern.
Love the violets and the hat! The snow will eventually melt but I know that will be a long time coming.

Carla said...

I love the way Harry sings that song! It always make me get moving and into the spirit of the season.

Great choice on thread. It adds more visual texture.

Sarah Craig said...

Your ET pic is really cool - frame-worthy! I'm still plugging away at Christmas presents, but finally finished the binding on my sis's quilt this morning! I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, though.....

Michelle said...

The vintage ornaments are fabulous. They look so dainty.

Way to go on the baby quilt. The quilting looks terrific!

I have a hat like that, but it's a different color.


Good substitutions like your cheese are invaluable!

SueWis said...

I'm cutting way back on the decorating this year too. Vintage ornaments in bowls, etc. The cat bothers them if I try to put them on the tree, anyway. Yours are absolutely adorable. :)

Elizabeth said...

P. you're so cute in your hat! And you did a fabulous job on the quilting! Yay you!

Your decorations are fabulous, your African Violets are gorgeous, your goodies look yummy, Harry Connick Jr. is swoon-worthy and I hope your lasagna is delicious.

xo -El