Thursday, January 20, 2011

Can I Get a Whoop Whoop?

Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict is hosting a Friday linky party for anyone wanting to celebrate their creative accomplishments this week.  

While I don't have a complete finish to show, I did get some things done on the Climbing Lanterns project this week.  After languishing for almost a year in a state of in-between, I am happy to say that it is finally ready for quilting and binding.

The top is done.  Yay!

I was going to baste it a few days ago but realized I didn't have a backing ready.  So I made one.

Then work got in the way of basting it...until this evening, when I had an unexpected night off.  

Basting:  Check!

So those are my steps worth celebrating this week—top done, backing made, quilt basted. 

And now, on to the part I am unsure of the most.  Anyone else get butterflies the moment the presser foot goes down over your project and the quilting foot starts hopping?  

Well, I made myself this visual aid to spur me on, use as a mantra, or possibly throw darts at if things go badly.  A reminder to just do it, already.

Whatever it takes, right?  Now, deep breaths...


  1. good luck, I know you can do it. Lisa

  2. I'm always afraid I will "mess up" the quilting part of the quilt, but I don't think anyone else would even notice. Visiting from Confessions of a Fabric Addict. Beautiful quilt, by the way. Would love to see the whole thing.

  3. oooh! I love that visual AID!!!

  4. I know what you mean about deep breaths. I was so unconfident about doing quilting using just my sewing machine that I got a frame to make more sure that it would turn out. I see lots of people getting good results without frames however. You will do fine! Don't hyperventilate :)

    Also visiting from "Confessions"

  5. I absolutely love your new mantra!!!! Your top is fabulous, and I love the free piecing on the back. I have no doubt that your quilting will be the icing on the cake! (PS I am also terrified every time I set presser foot to sandwich - isn't everyone?? But it always seems to turn out ok!)

  6. I LOVE your quilt and especially LOVE the saying about feeling the fear and quilting anyway. I'm new to quilting and sewing so I have a LOT of fear, but reading your post today gave me the courage to quilt my first mug rug today. I've been putting it off for over a week. Thank you!

  7. That's the whole point of having a blog. Motivation! Might need to make a bumpersticker with your banner.

  8. Love the mantra P . I'm adopting it as my own since I'm great at the making quilt top part and suffer from terminal fear of quilting.

    Your quilt top looks utterly fabulous. Cant wait to see it quilted.

  9. I need to print your banner and hang it in front of my sewing machine! As many quilt tops that I have done, I ALWAYS fear those first stitches. Once my rhythm is in check, my shoulders relax and I am ok. Your project is so awesome, and I bet you will have fun quilting it.

  10. your mantra is awesome. I find myself staring a quilt some times for days before deciding what is the right thing to do. Once it's started and get those first few stitches, there's no turning's just getting those first couple of stitches. Can't wait to see how you quilt yours.

  11. It looks great! I love all those colors. Can't wait to see the final product.

  12. I think the backing is my favorite part! I can't wait to see it quilted!!

  13. You totally get a Whoop Whoop! That is SO, SO gorgeous! Love what you did for the back! And I love your little slogan -- feel the fear and quilt it anyway. Very clever. I may borrow it.

    xo -El

  14. I love the new mantra. Perfect!


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