Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Sundry - Vol. 24

Other than finishing the Climbing Lanterns quilt this week (see previous post), there hasn't been much out of the ordinary going on.  I did go to my dad's and help him sort through some keepsakes.  We found a few things I had long forgotten, like this...

Taken at vacation church school.  I'm only five and already taller than the boys.

And this gem, upon which I have no comment...

You can laugh all you want, I can't hear you.  I still like purple and yellow together, but mainly in my flower beds.  Lucky for your eyeballs.

Dad tossed this into the garbage as we were sorting, but I retrieved it.  It was a greeting card on some kind of flocked background.  For things like this, I love the '70s.  He said he had it displayed on his desk at work for a long time.  It still works.

This turn-the-wheel thingamajig was used to calculate how to reduce or enlarge his parts drawings on the copy machine back in the day.  I bet that machine took up half a small room.

Apparently, I won honorable mention in some art contest in eighth grade.  I have no recollection of this whatsoever.  I wonder what the piece looked like.  Must not have been a keeper.

It wasn't "Flame," that's for sure.  I don't remember drawing this, but the wavy printing in No. 2 pencil gives it away.  And the fact that it was done on erasable typing paper medium.  And who is Flame, anyway?  Was that the name of a horse in the Best of the West toy set by Marx?  No, that was Thunderbolt.  Anyway, there's an artist who knows who Flame the Horse is, and she's pretty good.  I don't know her, I just Googled.

A True Hit
Speaking of westerns, Norm and I went to see the movie True Grit yesterday.  What a great film.  Jeff Bridges as U.S. Marshal Rooster Cogburn is worth the price of admission alone, but all the acting was excellent (Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, and a young woman named Hailee Steinfeld as the movie's heroine).  The dialogue was delightful and witty.  Yep, the Coen brothers hit it out of the park with this one.

Baby It's Cold Outside
Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved winter.  She went ice-skating at the rink down the block several nights a week.  She built snowmen and snow forts, threw snowballs and made snow angels.  She sledded and tobogganed for hours on end.  She went on long snowmobile rides and learned to cross country ski.  And ice fish.  Okay, only once with the fishing, but there was no ice shanty involved and a manual auger.

Winter 1981.  Do they still make Old Style?

Anyway, now?  Not so much.  Though I kind of miss those days when I enjoyed winter more.  The closest I've come is wiping out in the snow on my 100-yard commute to work recently, which cracked me up (as in funny, nothing broken).  I think the neighbor saw me and took pity.  He has since snow-blowed a path for me through his side yard.

I will be enjoying the Packers v. Bears NFC championship game today from the warmth and comfort of my living room.  It should be a good one.

What's on your agenda today?


  1. What a great post! Most of us are not brave enough to put up childhood pitctures. I know I am certainly not! BTW, your mom was HOT. Hopefully you can handle that now, because back then it probably would have scarred you for life.

  2. Oh P - I loved your gawky photos. Where is it written that purple and yellow shouldnt be wor together. I was going through some photos this week of myself as a child and Im a typical freckled faced gawky kid myself. And wow you look like your Mom!(Im not saying she's gawky at all by the way )

    What a great time you had looking at old treasures. My family are not keepers of stuff. I'll never get to do this so I'm living vicariously through you .

    Oh and I hate winter.

  3. As a Wisconsin girl, I'm surprised you wore purple and yellow, but that's okay. I forgive you. :D

    I love your walks down memory lane. They are fabulous.

  4. I love all your old photos! I think we must be of similar age, as I have photos that are almost identical! We saw True Grit too, and absolutely loved it. Bill read the book and said it was very true to the book. We also saw The King's Speech this weekend and it was incredible!! Be sure you see this one before the Oscars - it will be a big winner!!

  5. You are so cute! I loved seeing all those old photos. Maybe if I stopped taking myself so seriously, I could do a post like this too. I loved it.

    xo -El

  6. I love how scuffed up your brothers' knees and legs are. And their outfits!

    Loved my Jane West and her plastic clothes!

    We enjoyed True Grit.

    Go Pack!

  7. I love purple and yellow. :-)

    Very cool mementos.


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