Friday, January 28, 2011

Just a Little Something

I have only the tiniest bit of sewing to show for this week, but I guess it's something.  It does move me a little further along the line toward finishing one of my PhD (Project Half Done) Challenges as well, so that's something too.

I don't know...I was just kind of motivationally challenged this week.  I could name any number of possible reasons—lack of sunlight, hibernation mode kicking in big time, something involving a cycle and not the kind with wheels, etc.  

But never mind all that, we're here to focus on the action.

I finished adding the ornaments to the backing of the whirlygig Christmas quilt.  Christmas is only 331 days away, you know!

They had to be fussy cut and fused in place.  Then I stitched around each one, while watching American Idol on Wednesday.

I was originally going to strew them on randomly, but that didn't look right, so I grouped them above and below the center panel in the middle (it's folded in the pic below, so you can't see the whole panel).  They seemed to need anchoring around something.  I don't know; it may have been a hormonally-motivated decision.  It is what it is.

Now the backing is really done.  In fact, by the time you read this, it will be taking a little vacation south courtesy of the U.S. Postal Service.  Wish I were going along too!

You see, I won a $50 machine quilting gift certificate last week on Such a Sew and Sew.  Yay!  Thanks to Elizabeth's generous giveaway, this quilt is on its way to Angie at 5 Little Monkeys Quilting to be machine quilted.  I am so excited to be sending it to her!  We've chatted by email, and she's got a wonderful idea for the quilting on it.

Since Angie's doing the PhD Challenge too, I think we can both count it as a finish when it's done, don't you?  :)

So there you have it.  It's no big whoop, but I'm still going to link to Sarah's Can I Get a Whoop Whoop?  You should check it out too! 


  1. Great job and believe me I know all about the nasty "Cycles"!!! They are JUST SO LOVELY (dripping with sarcasm)

  2. This is the BACK?!? That's amazing! Whoop!Whoop!

  3. That tiny bit (as you call it) got your back finished and sent out. Good for you! I just found your blog thanks to Sarah and I'm now following you...I love the recipes, your vintage stuff,Pyrex dishes, pictures of your Dad, uh, need I go on? I've got to work a little today but I'll be catching up on your blog this weekend. Here's a Whoop, Whoop for you, girl! Way to the way, the little doll quilt with the daisies look grat! You did a great job on those as well! Have a great Friday!

  4. Lovely. Maybe it's the OCD in me, but I think your decision to "anchor" the ornaments was a good one. Can't wait to see the final product.

  5. Oooh, P., that's nice!! And of course it's a big whoop whoop!! You got the back finished!! That's all that's holding me up on two (ooops, make that three!) of mine, but I still don't know when I'll get to it! And congrats on winning that gift certificate - nice prize!! Thanks for linking up!!

  6. Love the back of the quilt!! That is really something and what a nice prize to be able to get it quilted. Can't wait to see the completed Phd

  7. Very cool! I think it looks great! Looks like you'll be ready for Christmas this

  8. Wow! If that's the back I can't wait to see the front.

  9. I love the detail in the back of that quilt.So pretty. Normally I slap two bits of fabric together and call it done.

    You're on fire with all your quilting P.

    Yep - sucks to be a girl doesnt it?

  10. That seems like a perfectly acceptable whoop to me. And the back of it's nice, too!
    That gift certificate win is a good thing. What a treat! Enjoy:)

  11. Oh, I love the way you did those ornaments. It is almost a whole other quilt on the back. I know you'll love what Angie does with your quilt. She's awesome like that. And I totally think you can both count it as a finish! Good for you!

    xo -El

  12. Yep, we all have those motivational challenges, mine are ALWAYS in the kitchen. Dust collects on my burners. I think your project is darling and look forward to seeing it quilted.

  13. That is going to be an awesome quilt!


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