Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Sundry - Vol. 22

Like a kid in a candy store.  

That's how I felt last Sunday afternoon at a nearby Joann Fabrics that was having a store-wide moving and liquidation sale.  Of course, the pickin's were getting slim, and they were all out of the white quilting thread I had driven 35 miles to buy.  But that did not deter me from finding a few other mouthwatering goodies, including two half-yard cuts of fabric and some other notions.  Total for everything, twenty bucks!

Seeing this grouping reminds me what a child of the '60s and '70s I still am.  Peter Max, H.R. Pufnstuf, Tiny Chiclets and Rain-Blo bubblegum.  It's all there, and then some. 
I have always been drawn to bright colors.  You might not know it from walking into my house, where neutrals and earth tones predominate (maybe that's more the '70s talking).  But intense, happy colors still grab my attention and my heart.

Finished Bid-ness
I finished the wall hanging/table topper I'd pieced together last week from my mother's calico scraps.  I was going to do straight-line quilting, per the pattern photo, but then I changed my mind in favor of a little off-roading instead.  

I did an overall loopy meander, using that deep red quilting thread you see above from Joann.  Did it match?  Heck no, not really, but it worked for me, blending just enough...just enough for the citayyyyyyy.  Sorry I broke into Stevie Wonder there for a second.

For the backing, I used some leftovers from the coin baby quilt I still had on my design wall, snuggling up against another strip of mom's scraps.  The red reminds me of her heart, which was always in her sewing and crafting.  

It's hanging on the wall in my entryway right now.

What Goes Up, Must Come Down
That certainly applies to brownies that rise over an inch above their Pyrex baking dish.  

I tried a new recipe, which was delicious, but it was pretty startling to see the batter climb straight up above the pan during baking.  Agh!  It caved rather dramatically upon cooling, but still tasted ooey-gooey good!

Sorry I can't share the brownies with you, but I can share the Stevie Wonder earworm I've given myself, which is not at all a bad one to have.  Check out those orange amps!

Have a great day and a Wonder-ful week ahead!


  1. Such a fabulous sale! I love the wild fabrics and colored thread you came home with.

    Your loopy meander is fantastic. The deep red is perfect!

    Brownies look yummy!

    I really, really like Stevie Wonder. Thanks for the song.

  2. P, your loopy meander is perfect , both technically and for that quilt. Your Mom would be so proud of what you've done with her original creation.

    I get all excited about rainbows of colour too -and yet my house is very very neutral. Maybe we save the pops of colour for the occasional thrill ? And who doesnt love bargains like the ones you picked up. I wish I'd been there because the pink flowery fabric is calling out to me !

  3. Great segue P.! Go Stevie go!
    Really like your work and what a nice gesture to your Mom.....good idea.
    And don't you just LOVE sales like that. HAve a great week.

  4. I love your calico scrap quilt - it's so cute and the red thread is a perfect touch - your mom's "heart" running all through your work!! The brownies look awesome, and it looks like you made a good haul at Joann's!!

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous quilting job! You are amazing. And those brownies look so good. I'm wondering if we have any chocolate in the house . . .

    xo -El

  6. i am glad to see that i am not the only one that gets excited over sewing/quilting supplies. i have had the itch to stitch lately (pun intended lol) and can't decide what to get into.

    making prim dolls is the quickest projects to finish for me - but i haven't made a decision on where to start yet. i have one quilt top that needs quilted that i pieced years ago. i have two quilts that were stitched by a neighbor lady that was like a grandma to me. one is tulips on very large blocks and the other is a christmas tree on a big block that needs to be used as a center piece and filled around. i started embroidering a "states" quilt when i was a teenager and tried to piece it together years ago and it is a mess - i can't even talk my mom into fixing it for me.

    maybe you will inspire me to get busy and pick a project to work on. i have worked 4 puzzles in the last 10 days or so to keep busy on these cold winter days - i even cleaned house some! i would love to put a quilt in some frames and work on it - i am sure the cats would love it too - a nice warm new spot to sleep!

  7. Very lovely colors! I love the burped up crayon box effect your photos have with all those lovely different colors of thread. I love the wall hanging, too. Very cool that you were able to use fabric from your mom's stash.


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