Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shirt Reveal - Part 2, The End

Should I write words?

Do I need words?

Pretend these are very interesting words...

Fascinating words, in fact.

I just said something to make you go hmm...

And wonder a little bit.

Then I have a new idea...

You can tell by the look on my face...

It may be funny, or a little surprising.

Made you smile!


  1. P., I love it! You did a really great job! And you are SO cute! Your shirt is really fun and fresh. Hooray for getting it done.

    xo -El

    P.S. Loved seeing the Chinese Lanterns in the background.

  2. Pat yourself on the back! It looks wonderful and the fabric is very cute.

  3. I love it P. Really love it. I'd be proud to wear that loud in your face shirt ANYWHERE.

    I think the reason you look so happy in the last picture is because the shirt is actually done. Now get back to real sewing - you know - the stuff that involves quilts....

  4. You did make me smile. You also made me think you might be channeling a bit of JMM, Jr. who seems to like to use those sorts of vague statements in between pictures.

    The shirt looks fabulous, and I definitely can see you wearing it.

  5. P.S. The Chinese Lantern wallhanging looks great on your wall!

  6. You got the fit just about perfect; I especially like the drape at the shoulder/armscye - lovely job.

  7. Wow, it is beautiful on you, and so flattering! Good selection on the KF print, too. You have me grinnin' at the computer, can you see? Great finish! :-}pokey

  8. Lovely shirt, and totally cute post! (Found you from the sew-along group.)

  9. Wow, your shirt looks fabulous (MUST be CAREFUL when typing the word "shirt"...) and check out your Chinese Lanterns quilt on the wall!! Woohoo!!!!!

  10. P. all the effort was worth it. Your shirt looks FANTASTIC! What a great fit. And now that you have the pattern, the next one is going to be much easier.


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