Friday, February 25, 2011

Two for the Show

Back to working on quilts this week, I got a couple things accomplished.  First, I finished the binding on the Christmas whirlygig quilt, so it is officially done!  

I took advantage of the bright sunshine and a fresh snowfall for these pics.  

The quilt really does lie flat; it's just over a snowbank and part of a buried hedge.

The back:

Closeup of the quilting, by Angie at Five Little Monkeys.  Love it!

One more crossed off the PhD (Projects Half Done) list!

Next, I put together a black and white (and a wee bit of red) quilt top.  

I talked about my fondness for black and white quilts and gave a hint of this one in the previous post.  

This top went together fast, after I got done fussing with the layout.  The pattern is Perfect Ten by Swirly Girls Design, which calls for 10 fat quarters.  I had nine, plus some great scraps from Jenny, so I mixed those in too, including the one black/white/red piece.  It was too perfect not to! 

This quilt may be a little busy, but I really like it.  It still needs a border, and I have no idea what I'm going to do there yet.  Suggestions? 

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  1. LOVE what you've done with the black and white. I would try black and white borders as well as a thin red border just to see which I liked best.

  2. Wow! You got a ton accomplished this week! I like both of your quilts. Especially the backing on the Whirlygig quilt!

  3. I think I would make a narrow white border around the black and white quilt first. That would make the grey blocks touching the outside pop. I'm not sure about the wider border after that. I wouldn't make it red though. I like the lonely bit of red the way it is. It makes me think of a tiny candle in a dark room, you know?

  4. I love it! It looks so pretty in the snow!!! Great quilting (wink wink).

  5. beautiful work P. the whirlygig quilt is beautiful. love your black and white ... good luck with figuring out the border.

  6. Sha-zam! Love that black and white quilt! Amazing!

    And the whirly-gigs turned out so beautifully! Yay for you!

    xo -El

  7. Love the whirlygig! Love the black and white. Try matching the red in that one square and using that for the border, or an inner border of red, with a black and white outer border.

  8. this black and white is beautiful!!! great choice and i love the tiny splash of red. reminds me of a poster we saw at dinner tonight at steak & shake. it was an old photo of an original s&s and it was black and white except for one red car in front of the restaurant! you made a great choice putting this one together. i would stick with the black and white for the border too.

  9. Looks like you're making up for all the quilting you missed when you were sewing 43 muslins for that shirt!

    Your whirly gig quilt is divine! I cant work out whether I like the back or the front best so lets just leave it at I love the whole thing.

    Im completely loving the black and white quilt . It looks AMAZING! I'd stick with one colour for the border probably black to provide the perfect frame to show off all the beauty of the centre.

    Did I mention how much I love your quilts yet ...

  10. The whirligig quilt came out wonderfully! The back is as pretty as the front. And I love the artistic way you photographed it on the snow.

    Black and white quilts are among my most favorites. They are so dramatic. Yours is a real beauty. Maybe a red border?

  11. Both the quilts look wonderful! Congrats on being able to cross the Christmas quilt off your list.

  12. Love that quilt! I have a huge collection of blacks and whites. But after just finishing a reds and whites quilt, I think I'm gonna go colorful scrappy for awhile :-) Show us again when it's finished.

  13. I love the whirligigs quilt - really want to try that pattern myself. And the black and white is awesome - especially that little pop of red! I think, though, it needs just a little bit of red in the border - whether that's a black and white print with a teeny tiny bit of red in it, or a VERY narrow border (I'm talking like 1/4" - 1/2") or flange before a solid or white w/black outer border. But whatever you do, it's going to be awesome!!

  14. I just love this black and white and just a teeny bit red quilt!

    Love the pix in the snow!!


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