Friday, February 4, 2011

Whoopee, it's Friday!

It has been a different kind of week, and not just because of the blizzard of a few days ago.  My router was on the fritz and finally stopped working altogether, so I had to run get a new one from Staples first thing Thursday morning.  I was able to install it and get things going, only to have it crash again a couple hours later.  Since I possess only minimal geek skills, it was time to reach out to others who actually know what they're doing.  My daughter's boyfriend, T., came to the rescue this evening and got everything running.  Woo-hoo!  I already knew he was a great guy, but now I appreciate him even more.  Good thing he'll settle for a big, home-cooked dinner as payment!

Having only hit-and-miss internet connection for a couple days—mostly miss—was not without its upside.  I got the muslin for the Men's Shirt Sew-along cut out and I've started sewing it.  

I couldn't check in with Peter's blog as to what we were supposed to be doing (apparently it was pockets; I just checked), but since I had a little time to spare, I just dug in.  I've got the yokes/back/front all attached, sleeve plackets done, and one sleeve sewn in.  More details on that later in a separate post.

During a moment when I did have an internet connection Wednesday, I happened to visit Jenny's blog, Cut.Sew.Iron.Repeat, where she described the cross quilt she is making to be raffled at an AIDS Walk fundraiser event.  I decided to make a couple blocks to send her, since she had extended the invitation to do so.  Besides, I needed a little quilty/creative fix!

She wanted a red background for her blocks.  No problemo!  

It gave me a reason to cut into some Alexander Henry "Picnic" fabric I've had sitting in the stash for awhile.  That's the white/red/blue/green print below. 

I wasn't sure how wide she wanted the blocks, so I made them large enough to be trimmed.  Anyway, they're in the mail now.  Hope she likes them!

I'm linking to Sarah's Can I Get A Whoop Whoop!  Please click on over to see what others are whooping it up about today, and join the fun!


  1. Whoop-Whoop! Your blocks look wonderful. I'm sorry you've been hit and miss with your electricity and I'm really glad your daughter's boyfriend was able to help you out at such a cheap rate. =)

  2. I LIKE THEM!! Can't thank you enough P for helping me out with this quilt! beautiful blocks!

  3. Gorgeous red blocks you created:0)

  4. Great work on your shirt muslin, and I love those blocks, particularly the red/black/white one! Very creative!! Whoop whoop!!

  5. Love the blocks and it appears you're making terrific progress with the shirt-a-long.

    I hate it when my computer doesnt behave. I feel so cut off from the world.

  6. Very creative and fun blocks.
    (I used to make all my clothes but haven't made a shirt in years.)

  7. I hate computer problems. I know just enough to be dangerous and that's not a good thing. I'm glad you had help and are back up and running...

    Your blocks turned out so cute! I love the fabric.

    I have a shirt to make soon. I've been wanting to do the Big Shirt for awhile now and I just found in my stash the perfect fabric. I'll show it soon....

  8. I need to try these cross blocks as they seem to be popping up everywhere. Nice fabric choices!
    If the boyfriends are going to hang around, they should be useful!

  9. Love your blocks! So sweet of you to contribute to this project.

  10. I had to check out your link to the Men's shirt sew along! So fun! I used to make my boyfriend shirts (now husband) ... now I just repair them :). Great project, can't wait to see your finished shirt.

  11. These are neat blocks, with such pretty reds! I'm working on liberating some of my projects, just for the fun it adds. Your sheet for the "muslin is cute, too, ya sure you won't want to wear it?

  12. I hate it when I don't have internet access! Eke! Glad your daughter's boyfriend was able to get you up and running.

    What fun, funky blocks!


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