Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Sundry - Vol. 28

I have a bit of writer's block this Sunday morning.  My house smells good, like blueberry pancakes, crisp bacon, and strong coffee.  

Snow started falling about an hour ago, first like powdered sugar and now like goose down.  There's a winter storm warning in effect.  Bring it.  I've got nowhere to be except my sewing room.

Said room was a wreck after all the shirt-making.  I need to vacuum and tidy up a bit before I launch into what's next, but I enjoy even the cleaning up part when I'm in that space.

Got some new music to keep me company, courtesy of my friend Joe.  He called me from the ski lift at Big Sky a week or so ago and we talked music.  

A package arrived from him this week (thanks, Joe!) with some CDs, including the Black Keys, Dan Auerbach, Robert Plant, My Morning Jacket, Cake, and The Ironweed Project.  I've been listening to the lattermost over and over.  The lyrics aren't going to win any awards, but the music kept me moving as I finished the shirt Friday and Saturday.

I saw The King's Speech yesterday with my sister and really enjoyed it.  All of the actors were superb, but I especially enjoyed Geoffrey Rush as Logue.

Thank you all for your kind comments on the sew-along shirt.  As I was wearing it yesterday, sitting there in the dark theater, I noticed it was possibly one of the most comfortable shirts I own.  That makes all the fussing about fit worth it in the end.  I really should invest the time to make myself more clothes that fit well, especially since I can't just walk into any store and buy off the rack (they just aren't made to fit the super-tall woman).  

Take jeans, for instance.  I bought a couple patterns and some nice denim about a year and a half ago, and there it still sits in the storage bin.  For me, there's always that little hurdle of anxiety to overcome, built up from past sewing experiences involving fit issues and not-so-great fabric selection.  Although it's more work to make a muslin (or two, or three), this sew-along has made me a believer in the essential part it can play in ensuring a good fit and a better overall outcome.

So you may see me sewing more clothing soon.  Today, however, I have a date with a quilt binding.

Dolly is sporting a new (to her) apron, something I thrifted a month or so ago and haven't even taken the time to iron yet.  

She doesn't mind though.  Nice needlework detail.  

In closing today, Dolly and I would like to serve you a piece of Cake.  I love the guy at 2:13. I could watch a whole video of him jamming along to this song, along with the blonde dry cleaner, the pilot in the orange jumpsuit, and the drug rep.  Enjoy!


  1. That song will be in my head all day now! And now I'm craving blueberry pancakes!

  2. Oh, P. I love your posts. You are so much fun! It is snowing here today too.We've got wet powdered sugar (which means that most of it melts on the roads and sidewalks, so not much shovelling to do). Blech. I'm really read for winter to be over. Love the new apron! And thanks for the Cake.

    xo -El

    P.S. good luck with the jeans :D.

  3. I love that song. It's one of Mr. P's favourite bands.

    I can see how making a muslin would be helpful but it just seems like a lot of hard work ! I also completely identify with the frission of anxiety that occurs before you do something new.I often have to think about things for a while (days or even weeks ) before I tackle something like that. I need to learn to just do it !

    The snow looks pretty.I get that it's hard to live with but from where Im sitting your picture looks like a postcard.

  4. One many opinions:)

    The best garment I made for myself was a white jean skirt (20 years ago). I don't remember what miracle happened that it fit so well, but it hasn't happened since! Good luck with the jeans!

  5. You are a crazy insane seamstress. I am in awe of your abilities and I covet that apron!

  6. It's NOT snowing in TX and I love it. ;-) Nothing more fun that new music. (I don't have my speakers hooked up yet, so I can't listen to Cake :-( ). Dolly looks perfectly well dressed!


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