Wednesday, April 20, 2011

15-Minute Challenge Weekly Update

I'm a day late posting my 15-Minute Challenge stats for the week, but I am nevertheless happy to report that those little bits of time did add up to something in the way of a finish.

The week didn't start out well, as I seemed to have gotten comfortable in the habit of not doing anything sewing related for a few days.  How easy it is to fall into that pattern.  On Tuesday, I did manage to throw some fabric for a pair of scrub pants into the washer and dryer. Does that count?  Okay, probably not.

Things picked up on Wednesday when I thought I'd take 15 minutes to remove the paper from the paper-pieced blocks.  Ha!  Fortunately, there was something interesting on TV to take my mind off the fact that the paper was not going to go quietly.  Various implements and maneuvers were employed to separate the reluctant vellum from the fabric while simultaneously trying to preserve the stitches and not stretch the shape.  I could have torn all my hair out faster than it seemed to take to remove the foundation paper on those blocks—and I'm pretty sure I would have, had there been more than four squares to deal with.

At any rate, the momentum continued through the rest of the week, and I got the backing for the paper pieced project made and started quilting it on the weekend.  My Juki sewing machine came through nicely (no bobbin winding issues).  Come back Friday for pictures of the finished project!

A peek at the back of  the paper-pieced Easter Table Topper.
This week, the mailman brought a package from my Hands2Help Charity Quilt swap partner, Sharon, on Monday.  Here are the fabrics she sent:

Aren't those kids cute?  The wheels are turning as to what I'm going to make, and I'm sure I'll settle on a plan soon enough.  We have a couple months to get these quilts finished and mailed in, which is good because I need to finish some other PhDs (Projects Half Done), in the meantime!


  1. Now I remember another reason I didn't repeat the paper piecing thing:) The paisley is pretty fab! Do you know it's name?

  2. The back of your table topper is beautiful! Can't wait to see the front!

  3. Gorgeous!!! Love the colors, so bright and cheery! Look forward to seeing the finished project.

  4. Dont tell me that about the PP project. I am using baking paper on the back of mine...

    Of course pre -shrinking fabric counts ..Im surprised you even doubted that!

    Looks like many things were done at your house this week. Like you I get comfortable not sewing in the early part of the week ..if Im going to slack off that's when it happens.

  5. I love your H2H fabrics - so cute! And I wonder - could you spritz the piecing paper with water to make it a little easier to take off?

  6. I always use vellum for paper piecing. Did you use vellum card stock or vellum paper? Because the paper (17 lb. weight) tears away nicely, especially if you fold it along each seam as you sew. I think the card stock is too heavy.

    Loved the little peek at your Easter project. You've finished just in time. Gold star for you!

    And those little kid fabrics are darling. I know you'll come up with something fabulous.

    xo -El

  7. Preshrinking absolutely does count. And look at that adorable paisley fabric! So cute!


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