Friday, April 1, 2011

Sudoku Quilt Top Done

I had some time today to put the sashing and borders on the Sudoku quilt, and as of about a half hour ago, the quilt top is done!

This isn't the greatest time of day to take pictures, but they'll have to do, flash and all.

I ended up using a goldish-tan for the sashing.  (Mustard?  Yes, please.  And now I want a hot dog.)  It looks better in real life/natural light.

I wanted to use a stash fabric for the outer border, but I didn't have enough of the one I liked, so a-fabric-shopping I did go.  I intended to buy more of what I had on hand, but naturally there was none of it left in the store.  So I paced up and down and stared at the bolts for a half hour until I finally picked this black with tan-gold leaves.  

It works.  I like it.  Now to see if the Juki's going to fire on all cylinders to quilt this.  The bobbin winder was acting up the last time I went to quilt something.  

I'm linking to Sarah's Can I Get a Whoop Whoop?  To see more whoop-worthy progress, just click the link!


  1. You totally get a whoop whoop! That is so beautiful! I love how that turned out. Oh, I've got to get going on my projects. If only work didn't take up so much of my time!

    xo -El

  2. I give you a whoop whoop too! the quilt is amazing.

  3. Oh, P., it turned out beautiful! I love the colors you chose!! Whoop whoop!!!

  4. Absolutelly you get a Whoop whoop! This quilt top definitely cuts the mustard! Fabulous job. I'm totally loving the outside border too. Fingers crossed for your Juki. Happy Saturday! :o)

  5. I like the colors you picked. The pictures came out great. The border fabric is good, too. Have fun quilting.

  6. THIS is Suduko I could get into! Lovely job.

  7. Im whooping too P. I think the sashing and border is perfect. It's a really fun quilt! (And finished so fast- good luck on the quilting )

  8. I think the match is a good one! It sets the blocks off very nicely.
    You must wander around the fabric store like I do:)

  9. Beautiful! Nice Asian prints! This looks great P. Have you heard of 12 by 12 Sodoku? It's great for randomizing too!

  10. Love it! My mom loves doing Sudoku puzzles. I see another project in my future.


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