Saturday, April 16, 2011

Por Arriba, Por Abajo

During my 15-Minute Challenge (turned one hour) sessions this week, I finished the paper-pieced Easter table topper flimsy.  Needs quilting, etc., which I hope to finish this weekend between work assignments and whatever folly comes my way.

I took this photo in front of my patio door to get whatever light I could on the subject on this cold, gray day.  The 80-degree sunshine of last weekend has been replaced by a steady rain/snow and temps in the mid-30s today.

After I moved the flimsy, I lay on the floor in the same spot and looked up through the patio door at the sky.

Interesting contrast, huh?  I didn't change these to black and white; they're right out of the camera.

A good day to be in the sewing room.

Sometimes we have to create our own sunshine.

The post title translates to "From Above, From Below."  It's also the title to a Ricky Martin song that'll get your booty moving. 


  1. Love it! A lot! You have a great eye for fabrics.

    Sorry about your grey weather. We had it last weekend and this weekend we've got your nice weather.

    Loved the Ricky Martin :D. Perfect tie-in to your day!

    Now if I could just get these rotten taxes done so I can sew!

    xo -El

  2. Your paper pieced blocks look fantastic P. (I havent even made one yet -possibly today) The colours are wonderful and they look so perfect!

    I'm thinking maybe a table topper is all I'll get done too...

    Love the pictures. Very strak and arty.

  3. That block looks much more spring-y than those photos! It was that way around here yesterday too. But we are having sun and warm some days too and I am loving them!

  4. Great colors!!! Very springtime. Who cares if it's gloomy outside when you have such pretty things to look at? ;)

  5. Look how perfect your corners and points are! Excellent work.

  6. Great work!!! It looks like Spring in your sewing room! The colors are really pretty.

  7. What beautiful colors! And I feel your pain about the grey day - it was horrible here today, 40's and windy and grey - yuck!!! hopefully the sun will shine tomorrow..... ;-)

  8. What a bright and cheery block. I love paper piecing and really don't know why I don't do more.

    Do hope the sun shines again real soon.

    blessings, jilly

  9. Your paper piecing is bright and sunshine-y even if your skies are not.

    Come to California, P! 92 degrees at my house today.

  10. Love those photos...kind of spooky to see the world in black and white-for real!

    Great pp top!

  11. Love these colors and how you've put them together!

    Yeah, quite the nice weather we've been having.


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