Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Miscellaney

Since I haven't been doing the Sunday Sundry posts for a few weeks, I have random photos on my camera that haven't gone anywhere...until today.  I kept thinking I'd get around to posting them somehow, but it never quite happened. 

I'm mailing off my Hands2Help Charity Quilt swap fabrics to my partner today.  I have had some of these in stash for a while, ever intending to put them together into some quilt creation, but it never quite materialized (ha, pun).  So we'll see what my partner comes up with!

I'm working on quilting the paper pieced wall hanging.  I got the backing for it sewn together on Saturday and got it basted.  Started quilting it last night but when I ran out of bobbin thread, I called it quits for the night, as I was getting tired.  I was quilting along to banjo music, if you can believe it, and it was really carrying me along.  I hope to finish it up this afternoon.

I found a couple of quilt kits at Goodwill.  I know, right?  There are 22 fat quarters in each, plus 1/2 yard of binding fabric!!  Not sure if I'll follow the pattern included or add them to stash.  They supposedly each make a decent-sized quilt.

See the words on the sides of the box?  Traditional...eclectic...yep, that's me; flip a coin!

I did a couple quick posts over at The Pyrex Collective last week, HERE and HERE.  

I baked some super-size muffins in ^that^ Pyrex gravy boat.  Fun!

Alarm Quack
There is a nesting pair of mallards frequenting the yard this spring.  The other morning, I woke up to quack-quack-quack-ing that sounded like it was right outside my window.  I got up and looked out but couldn't see anything—until I saw them fly down from the roof!

What the...Hail? 
A couple Sunday mornings ago, we were doused with a several-minute hailstorm that covered the grass like snow.  They were the size of peas...or maybe big Dippin' Dots...and took half the day to melt.

My husband had bought me the Steve Martin "Crow" CD for Christmas.  You can hear/see him perform the title track below.  It will continue to be the soundtrack to sewing this afternoon. Hope your week moves along to a peppy tune!


  1. The bundle of fabric you are sending are so pretty. I get the same way, love to look but can't seem to come up with something to make. You definitely scored with those fat quarters! Way to go :o)

  2. Your partner will have fun with that! I still need to choose what to send to mine.
    I always thought Steve Martin and banjo playing were kind of an odd couple, but he's awesome!

  3. I'm fascinated by those quilt kits. They look like a lot of fun.(And from Goodwill ? Why cant I find decent quilting stuff at GW?

    I really like your swap fabrics too.

    More Pyrex? Seriously. Are you planning on world domination for the most amount of Pyrex? Kidding. It's all lovely.

  4. I love the fabrics you sent to your swap partner. Such a pretty combination! And those FQ kits are an awesome find!

    And I really love banjo music. I think Steve Martin is really talented musically as well as comically. Thanks for a great, peppy tune! I really enjoyed it!

    xo =El

  5. Oooh, I love the fabrics you picked for H2H!! So pretty - as are the fabrics you found at Goodwill! Lucky girl!!

  6. Thanks for the Steve Martin Pick me up.
    What an interesting find at Goodwill. Guess I should wander in there more often never know what you will find.


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